Sunday, January 5, 2014

One Kings Lane and My Statement Chair(s)

If you've been following the blog, you know that I have a thing for chairs.  They come in so many styles, don't take up much space in a room, can be changed up with paint, fabric or pillows, and for me, anyway, they're an accessory that makes a statement in any room.

Recently I was contacted by One Kings Lane  about an addition to their site,
the Decor Resource Center.

You can imagine how much fun I had on this new site where you can reference and research your statement chairs.

History of Chairs - One Kings Lane
One Kings Lane Home Design Resource Guide

Needless to say, I make many statements in many rooms with many chairs.  According to the site, statement chairs are "decor game changers" and I couldn't agree more.  It really made me think about how I use chairs in my home.  What I concluded was that I use them as I would an accessory for a bookshelf or a mantel.  They're the mobile addition that makes my room pop.

 I do love the Chinese Chippendale/Hollywood Regency Style.  I have a set of four faux bamboo chairs in my sun room.  According to the site, they're Faux Bamboo Fretwork Arm Chairs.  They originally were plain white.  I painted them Chinese Red and they became part of a coastal-inspired vignette.

Faux Bamboo Fretwork Arm Chairs

My favorites from this time period though are the Chinese Chippendale garden set and the Chinese Chippendale chairs around our patio garden table.

My Patio with Chinese Chippendale Furniture

 Since I'm a mix and match kinda girl, I don't stick to just one style. When I accessorize with chairs, I buy what I like--vintage, modern, new, old, weathered, sleek---and it all works in my mix and match decor. So, of course, in the room next to the sun room, which is filled with traditional furniture, I added these modern 20th C Italian chrome and leather chairs.  They flank an antique Duncan Phyfe table.  The black color ties them together with the other accessories and makes these modern chairs work in a room filled with antiques.

20th C Italian Chairs by Calligaris

In our bedroom, I have modern night stands next to a bamboo bed, and then mixed in with it all is a bombay chest, and of course a Bergere-style chair.  The chair and chest are the first thing you see as you enter the room.  The Bergere chair complements the dresser and ties into the vignette with a map of Paris in quadrants and some globes in urns.

Bergere Chair

OKL asked me to pick my favorite statement chair.  Boy was that a challenge, and I obviously didn't follow the directions.   I did decide that my favorite chairs were my French side chairs.  According to the site, they're from the 1950's.  I was really getting excited thinking they were French chairs from the early 1800's, but no, they're from the 1950's and are called Louis XVI-style side chairs.

French-Style Chairs in My Foyer

 They've moved around the house a bit like most accessories in my home, but I think they've found the spot that works best for them in the foyer.  They're the first thing you see when you enter my home and their lines, the striking leopard fabric, and their chippy frame and carvings get your attention.  I really like the addition of the sparkly glam copper pillows and the table.  Above all this frenchiness is a modern brass wall sconce on the contemporary striped wall.

I don't know if you saw my holiday posts, but a sneak peek of one of the chairs became my holiday greeting card.

As I said, I was only supposed to pick one chair, but how could I ever do that?
For me, chairs are the focal point in the midst of all the necessary furnishings.
 And, now that I think of them as an accessory, I don't feel too badly about having so many.

How do you use chairs in your home?
  Are they just for seating, or are they a decor game changer?


To research your statement chairs on OKL's Decor Resource Center, go here.

 ( She's the photographer who did the photo shoot of my home for HOUZZ)

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  1. I too am an Avid Statement Chair Hoarder of epic proportions... I always say I won't buy another one, but then I find another Perfect Specimen that begs to come Home with me! Right now I'm Justifying my Old Chair Addiction by re-vamping my Art Studio Cottage and setting up a Creation Station around a Vintage Industrial Style Harvest Table... which will have a Collection of my mismatched Old Chair Collection sitting around it. If I lived alone and didn't have a Family to Embarrass, I'd suspend some of my Old Deconstructed Chairs from the Ceiling as Art. *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian