Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Orbs, Cowhide, and Antlers

One of the benefits of being part of our multi-vendor store, Sweet Clover, is that every month I have the opportunity to shop along with our customers for fabulous vintage treasures from my talented fellow vendors.   This month did not disappoint.  I found not just one, but three of my favorite things.  I spied a cowhide rug draped over a settee covered in gray linen.  The mottled brown spots and the cream background were perfect and so was the size. 
 It found a home on my dining room table.  .

Cowhide Rug

In another booth I found some marble orbs.  You know me and orbs. 
 I bought 5 and then lined them up on a tray in the center of the table.

Marble Obs

Another of my obsessions is antlers.  
These faux antlers were candlesticks and perfectly matched the tray.  There were a pair.

Faux Antler Candlestick

Another View

I seasonally change my dining room table and had just packed away my mercury glass spheres and dough bowl.  As usual, I had no idea where any of these purchases would go in my home and no clue that they'd all be together, but it all worked out.  Good timing.  Good choices.

New Arrangement on Dining Room Table

This all started me thinking about my dining room and how it is such an unused space.  With the exception of holidays when I add all four leaves to the table and it stretches out to accommodate my friends and relatives , it's mostly ignored.  But, I have a confession to make.  I do use it as a place to plop my purchases when I return from shopping.  It's also where I inventory and price all my finds for the shop.  
And, very often it isn't this pretty, especially when something like this happens.  

Delivery From One of My Wholesale Suppliers

And this.

More Home Accessory Treasures

Then my table looks like this.

Home Decor for My Shop

Quite a difference.  But, I'm too OCD to let this stay here too long.  I'll get it all inventoried and priced.  I always mix new with my vintage finds, but these new accessories will be coming to the shop in dribbles.   I'm all for the mix, but I'm always heavy on the vintage side and the new just complements the old.
It seems I'm trending farm animals.

How do you use your dining room when you're not busy entertaining?
I think that if I ever win the lottery and get a new kitchen--mine is 1970's knotty pine--I'm going to knock down the wall between my kitchen and dining room and have one big kitchen.  
Yep, I'll ditch the dining room.


Come shop for treasures with us. Our next sale is February 21, 22, and 23.
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  1. i am dying over the ram heads! and love the table- those faux antler candlesticks are dreamy!

  2. Love all your new buys Kathy and the stuff you bought for the shop too! I have real antlers just sitting around here that I have been wanting to do something with. Marrying them with a candlestick and painting them aluminum silver would be so cool looking. But people keep telling me I can't sell real antlers in the shop even though they are sheds. I don't want to get in trouble. I also have tons of turkey feathers too, that supposedly I can't sell. uumph! :)