Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Market at Wild Rose & Co.

This Saturday, October 1, I'll be one of the guest vendors at Wild Rose & Co. , a fabulous home decor shop in Walkersville, Maryland.
It's their Fall Market and in addition to  vintage furniture and accessories there will be pumpkins, jewelry, potpourri, and Fall decor.
Initially I was only planning on bringing my vintage stuff, but since it was a Fall market I decided to include some Fall home decor in my selection.

If you know me you know that I have a compulsion to place objects under cloches.  The Fall decor was no exception.  Check out the treasures under glass that I'll have for sale.

In the background is a wooden candle pedestal from Pottery Barn.  I draped burlap ribbon around it and added a nest, eggs, and bird.  One of the smaller cloches holds a dried artichoke with a flower on a bed of moss.  The other has a crow perched in a puddle of pine cones and mini pumpkins.  A faux acorn is nestled under the mini cloche.

  I happened to come across this ribbon.  It so reminded me of the much-hyped Missoni at Target style.

I had some vintage brown bottles that I was planning on taking to the sale.  They begged me to add a pop of color to them with the ribbon.  I obliged and put horizontal stripes around their bodies, added a tourquoise "scarf" around their necks, and topped them off with peacock feathers.  The iridescent  turquoise in the feathers and the tourquoise ribbon matched the turquoise zig zag in the ribbon.   The peacock is mine, but he thought he'd look good in the photo.
Don't you love mixing turquoise with brown?

For you DIYers who already have a bottle stash, I'll be selling peacock and turkey feathers individually.

I'm not done yet.  I filled containers with a Fall assortment.  I really wish that I had had more antlers.  They looked good in an arrangement I made earlier.

I'm keeping this one but here's the how to link to the post.

I filled the jars with pine cones, mini pumpkins, dried artichokes, dried chinese lanterns, lemons, feathers, acorns, and even a crow in one of them.  In front of the containers is a glass jar with mini pumpkins topped off with an artichoke candle.  Can you identify the wooden piece in the foreground?  It's an insert to a vintage cash register.  The sections were for change, but I filled them with mini pine cones and pumpkins and votives in Fall colors.

I'll have vintage furniture and accessories mixed in with the decor.
I hope you DC area readers can come to the sale. 
Make sure you say hello.  I love to meet my readers.  My sweet niece, Elizabeth, has volunteered to help me out so make sure you meet her too.

For those of you who can't attend, I hope I've given you some Fall decor ideas.


Wild Rose & Co. Marketplace
21 W. Pennsylvania Ave.
Walkersville, MD 21793
301  304-0105

Saturday, October 1, 2011
10 am to 5 pm

To see some non-holiday ideas for decorating with cloches, click here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage X Bench

Recently I purchased this vintage X bench.

I loved the base, but the blue velvet left something to be desired.  I was going to re-cover it with a geometric or animal print with some nail head trim.  
But, you know how impatient I am.  I wanted it in my family room NOW.   I placed it in front of the fireplace and added a small animal hide to cover the blue.  On top of that I placed a tray, some books topped with a piece of coral and a faux tortoise shell on a stand.

I may eventually re-cover the seat, but for now I like it.
What do you think?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Touch of Fall

It's been a long hot summer, one of the hottest in many years.  Recently though the temperatures have come down to the point that I can start bundling up in my favorite sweater.
Of course with a change in the weather come some changes in the house.  Yea!
I wanted to create my Fall decor with what I had on hand.
This was so fast and easy and I love the result.

I grabbed a large glass cylinder that I fill with ornaments during the holidays.  I've been collecting antlers for a while and thought they'd be something different so I balanced them inside the jar first.   Next I combined faux acorns, a bag of Fall potpourri filled with an assortment of dried nuts---good smell too---, and some small pine cones from a friend's back yard.  I just randomly poured the mixture around the antlers and let them fall wherever they wanted to.  I think they did a good job.

For now I placed the arrangement on a small vintage cabinet that I recently added to the family room.  This cabinet was for sale at the store, and lucky for me, no one purchased it.  I love when that happens.  I have a rule that I never buy anything to sell that I wouldn't want for myself.  I have to say that some of my favorite things in my home are items that no one purchased.

I'm working on a Fall mantel and will share when I finish.

What are you doing in your home for Fall?

I just wrote another post with more Fall decor ideas.  Click here to see more.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Dorothy Draper Espana Dresser

I have been drooling over and coveting the famous Dorothy Draper Espana dresser forever.

Via Glam Lamb
Via Jordan     
Via Elle Decor


  The originals can be thousands of dollars.  I  have seen some very good DIY tutorials like this one from Marcus Design. She transformed an Ikea dresser.   Go here for the tutorial.

Ikea Knock-Off  from Marcus Design

There are reasonably-priced knock-offs too.   I found one recently when I stopped by a re-sale shop.  It was very late in the day and I wasn't too optimistic because they were having a 25% off sale.  The first thing I saw when I walked in though was my desired Draper dresser.  I couldn't believe it was still there this late in the day.  Then I noticed that it had a piece of missing hardware.  That explained why it was still available.   I was still considering buying it when I remembered that many times a piece of hardware comes off and rather than reattaching it,  the owner just throws it into the drawer.   I looked in the first two drawers, no luck.  I crossed my fingers and opened the last drawer and crunched in the back corner was the missing pull.  It even had the nut to attach it.  I was thrilled and made my purchase. $20!!!!!! Here's mine.

It's actually very nicely done.  The gold-painted design is carved into the drawer.  Hmm, maybe it's real!!!  Anyway, I haven't decided where it will go yet, but I'll be sure to share once it's in place and styled.

Link to the space I found in my home for my Draper dresser, click here.

I often wonder if Don Draper, the main character in Mad Men, was named after Dorothy Draper.
Does anyone know?

Go here for some background information about Dorothy Draper, an influential designer
from the early to mid 20th Century.
Go here to see more examples of her Mid Century Modern/Hollywood Regency designs.


Just kidding about mine being an original.  The original is cherry wood, its back is painted exactly like the other sides, and there is a stamp in each drawer.  I have to say though that the reproductions are as sought after as the originals.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Laundry/Pantry Change Up

Recently I updated my kitchen with new fabric and furniture.
Since my laundry/pantry adjoins the kitchen I decided to continue the new look in there too.


 If you saw the post about the kitchen you'll recognize the Schumacher chevron fabric on the window and also as a full length drapery in the powder room.  I also changed the two prints on the wall.

View from Kitchen

I also changed the curtains that cover the under-the-counter washer and dryer to a Lee Jofa linen fabric.  If you saw my post on my additional kitchen chairs you'll know that I used this fabric on a pair of parsons chairs too.

  I kept the swing arm curtain rods for easy access to the washer and dryer.

This is the opposite wall with the tiered restaurant pot rack and part of my pantry cupboard.

This is the best I could do with the photo of the pantry cabinet.  The room is long and narrow and I couldn't get back far enough to get a good pic.   You get the idea though. 
(I tried standing on the counter,  lying on the floor, and I even tried to take it from outside through the window.)

  It is an old cabinet.  It needed a top so we added boards similar to the counter.  To co-ordinate it with the corner cabinet we added rope molding and fluting on the sides.  It's been perfect as a pantry.  It has shelves and is just shallow enough so I can actually view everything I have stored inside.  The wide doors also make it easy to access.

This last image is of my favorite feature in the room--the three framed prints.  If you've been following me you know I'm always using architectural prints in my styling.
Below the prints is an urn with a boxwood ball, the books I covered in architectural prints,  a vintage document box, and my signature finial and orb.   I use these document boxes for storage in almost every room.  This one holds small jars of labeled paint samples from my home.  It's much easier to open a small container than it is to open -- and find-- a gallon of paint when I need to do a touch up.

So what do you think of this change up?

If you missed the kitchen redo post, go here.  If you missed the previous pantry/laundry change up go here.  To see the parsons chairs in the Lee Jofa fabric, go here.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Vintage Corner Cabinet in My Laundry / Pantry

Off the kitchen is our laundry/pantry, and beyond that, a powder room.  I wasn't blogging when we re-did that room so I don't have a before.  I'll try to describe it though.  The walls were wallpapered in orange floral vinyl , the floor was covered in red indoor/outdoor carpeting, and a huge utility sink was hanging on the wall between the washer and dryer.  It was bad.  I always kept the door closed whenever we had guests.

Here's what it looked like in its first change up. 

We completely gutted the room and removed the wallpaper and the carpeting.  We painted the walls and trim and added a tile floor.  The counter is made from pieced wood and the drawers are actually file cabinets.  The chandelier is vintage.  I was able to find some smokey black crystals for it.  We also added a prep sink.  The closed door is the powder room.  I'm so glad that the builder didn't use the rough cedar for trim in here.  The trim looks so much better painted white.

This corner cabinet with the palladian door is actually vintage.  This type of china was usually built into a dining room in an older home and had only the front, no back.  I wanted the long counter to fold laundry  so I cut the corner cabinet in half rather than have it go all the way to the floor.  The top is on the counter and the bottom half is under the sink.  I keep all my cleaning supplies inside the bottom half.   I painted the cabinet black and added some stained rope molding on the cabinet top and base to tie in with the new cabinets and counter.  I also had to add some additional molding on the top of the cabinet.

We purchased an under-the-counter washer and dryer.  I made a pair of curtains to hide them.  Rather than use a spring rod,  I purchased swing arm curtain rods.  The curtains actually swing out and away from the washer and dryer.  It's very easy to access them, and when they're closed my laundry is hidden.

On the opposite wall I have a long low cabinet which I use as a pantry.  In the corner is a stainless steel restaurant pot rack which I use for vertical storage of dishes.  Above the cabinet are over-sized architectural prints.

 I recently updated the furniture and fabrics in the kitchen.  To see that post, go here.

Since this laundry/pantry is directly off the kitchen, I decided to update this area too.  I'll be posting the change up soon.  Keep an eye out for it.

Change up is here!!!!!  Click on highlighted words to see the laundry/pantry update.

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