Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I don't think I've ever shared this, but I have to confess that I'm superstitious about the number thirteen.  Obviously, I dreaded the thought of a whole year of thirteen, but surprisingly, it was a pretty good year. 

 I wanted to share my most viewed posts from 2013.
 If you missed the post, or would just like to see it again, simply click on the image
 and the link will take you to the full post.

I had several wonderful and totally humbling things happen to me during the year.  The first was the fabulous opportunity to have my home professionally photographed and featured on Houzz.

Houzz Home Tour

I was honored to be invited to style a room in The Design House at The Old Lucketts Store.
Thank you Suzanne and Amy.

My Mix 'n Chic Girly Office

I always try to use architectural elements in my garden.  I guess my readers do too based on the number of pageviews.

Building Fragment in My Garden

I didn't realize how many different mirrors I owned until I walked around the house and captured room reflections in them.

Home Tour in Mirror Images

My brick patio was my warm weather workshop until I found some fabulous Chinoiserie garden furniture and was inspired to style the space.

Chinoiserie Furniture on My Patio

I'm always on the hunt for interesting empty frames.  Pinterest helped with this post.

Bundled, Layered, or Stacked--- Empty Frames Work for Me

Surprisingly, vintage bamboo was very popular.

Our Bamboo Bed

I do a lot of repurposing.  My most popular transformation was this old door which became a chalkboard.

Repurposed Vintage Door

My family room mantel undergoes many seasonal changes.  Here's one from this year.

Fall Mantel

Styling book shelves is a favorite of mine.  I had fun shopping my house and filling my latest find.

One of My MCM Bookshelves

Gallery walls are my nemesis.  I  guess you all were interested in some suggestions for wall designs too based on the pageviews.

Gallery Wall in My Daughter's Apartment

Last, but not least,  I shared my love for urns and trophies.

Urn in My Laundry Room

Thanks to all of you who continue to follow my crazy design experiments.

Here's to another great year with minimal thirteen worries.

Happy New Year


Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

Happy New Year too.

Thank you all for following my little blog.

See you all next year.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mercury Glass Spheres

I love spheres.  In fact you might say I'm obsessed with them.  
Imagine how thrilled I was when I found some huge mercury glass spheres on clearance at 
Pottery Barn last December.  I bought three and have been hoarding them all year.  I knew that they'd fit perfectly in my dough bowl on my dining room table.

I lined the bowl with some cedar that I had clipped from my yard.  I hate those ugly cedar trees, but I must admit that their branches come in handy during the holidays.  They last a surprisingly long time indoors and make fabulous fresh wreaths.  I hate to admit it, but they last longer than my favorite, magnolia.

Mercury Glass Spheres in My Dough Bowl

Here's another view.  I love how the branches hugged the spheres. Notice the marks on the dough bowl that show it was shaped by hand.

Another View of the Dough Bowl and Spheres

I always use my cow hide rug as a table cover.  To sparkle it up, I added a sequined table runner.

Cow Hide Table Cover Layered with Sequin Runner

As I was taking the photos, we had a burst of sunshine.  It made the spheres sparkle even more.

A Ray of Sunshine on My Dough Bowl and Spheres

A Closer Look at the Sparkle

The spheres created quite a lovely pattern on the opposite wall too.

Reflections on the Wall from the Mercury Glass Spheres

My Dining Room

I am so glad I have the dough bowl.  I use it all the time for seasonal change ups.  Do you have a special find that you re-style over and over?

Of course I have some other ideas for you in case you don't happen to have three huge spheres that you've hoarded for a year or an equally huge dough bowl.

A wonderful urn will work with some ornaments.


What about a compote with pine cones from your yard and apples?


What about lining the vessel with feathers?

Via Pinterest

This container is filled with mini ornaments, but you could also use strands of garland.
The addition of the belt is so clever.


I could see these as a centerpiece or on your mantel.


You could use a tray as your container.


Happy Decorating


I've written about my dough bowl before here.

I've written about spheres before here, here, here, and here.


Friday, December 20, 2013

We Have Giveaway Winners

As Oxido, the Giveaway organizer says:

"We have some lucky duck winners."

Jalapeno Photography- Winner: Terry Anne
Óxido- Winner: Mary Alice
The Daily Chip- Winner: Nicole Louise
The Painted Hutch- Winner: Cheryn
Traer Loves- Winner: Patricia 
Random Notion- Winner: Jessica
Seasons NL- Winner Marla Renne’
Carolyn Elizabeth Designs- Winner: Sherry @ No Minimalist
Simple Pleasures- Vintage Reimagined- Winner: April
Vignettes- Winner: Natasha
Catfish-Studios- Winner:  Kaaren
Misty Blue Candles- Winner: Jackson 
Primitive Beginnings- Winner: Jessica
Charliemadison- Winner: Trompetaz Lookatme
Black Sparrow Soaps- Winner: Jessica

We'll contact the winners by email so we can get your addresses and mail your treasures.

Enjoy your gifts.  I see some familiar names in the winners' list.
 Thanks to all for entering. 

 Thanks so much to Eddie too for organizing it all.


If you'd like to see the list of giveaways, go here to the Giveaway post.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Peacock Feather Inspired Tree

This year's tree was inspired by the colors in a peacock feather--turquoise and chartruese.  
To that mix I added some glittery pinks and lavenders.

2013 Christmas Tree

Surprisingly, the angel, copper bottle and shabby oil painting are still on the landing.  Last year I used magnolia leaves, but for this year, it's all peacock feathers and glass garlands.

Santos Angel, Copper Bottle, Peacock Feathers

Last year our tree was huge.  It totally filled the wall space.  This year it's much smaller, so I decided to add some holiday decor to the brass wall sconce.  I also tucked some peacock feathers into the tree.

Brass Wall Sconce on Striped Foyer Wall

One of my favorite frenchy leopard-covered chairs fit too.

Leopard-Print Covered Chair

Love the legs on this chair.

My Favorite Chair

I'm still so against garlands on stair railings.  Last year I used empty frames
 This year I used peacock feather wreaths.

Wreaths on Railing

I had a turquoise fabric remnant and wrapped it around the base.

Fabric Remnant Tree Skirt

The ribbon with images of peacock feathers was a great find.  I'm liking draping the ribbon vertically rather than wrapping it around.   It's easier to do too.

Peacock Feather Ribbon

Take a peek at the ornaments. 
 Many of them, as well as the garlands, were re-used from a previous tree.

The tree sparkles, reflected in my sunburst mirror.

Tree and MCM Mirror

Do you have your tree up yet?   Do you do a themed tree or just a collection of favorite ornaments?


To see last year's tree go here.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Porches

There's nothing like a front porch all decked out for the holidays.
These are my easy peasy curb-appeal inspirations for Christmas porches.

This is a very simple but very lovely arrangement.  It's so easy to drape some greenery around the door frame.  The appeal and surprise are the green apples tucked evenly in the shrubs.


How easy is this?  Wrap some topiaries in burlap.
 Then, stack some boxes and join them with ribbon.


This entry is fabulous on its own.  Adding a garland and wreaths makes it spectacular.


How fast could you pull this together?  Add some ornaments to an existing shrub, place an unadorned wreath on the door, add a lantern and an egg basket with greenery.  I'll admit that the snow helps.


This porch has a similar look.  It's just as lovely.


Lights make everything look good.

I've been seeing three wreaths in a row on front doors.
The only thing you need to add is a sled with skates and some garland.


White door, white urns, white Christmas.
 Magnolia cuttings are always easy and they last a long time.


Wrap your porch posts with garlands and
 suspend over-sized mercury glass ornaments from the ceiling.

I especially like the bulbs in a bag on the door.


Dark facade, white trim, and all you need is a red wreath for a pop of color.


I love this idea. The dark house color makes it work.



I know this isn't a porch, but what a lead to the front door.  These are clear quart canning jars with votives (you could use the battery votives) placed inside a wreath and outlining a walkway.


What have you done on your front porch to celebrate the season?