Saturday, April 30, 2011

Piero Fornasetti and A Pair of Rain Boots

For a while now I have been fascinated by the painter, sculptor, craftsman and decorator, Piero Fornasetti.  (bio here)  I don't know if it's because he's Italian, like me, or that many of his pieces are in black and white.  I've been accused of wearing only black and white, but I have made an effort lately to add some yellow, orange, and green.   Or, that many of his works have architectural themes.  I love and buy architectural engravings and representations whenever I can.

I think what he is best known for are his porcelain plates with unique variations of the same woman's face.  This was how I first discovered him.
Here she is depicted on a wallpaper sample.

And another selection of a unique variation of her image on plates.

All the following images in this post are from 1stdibs.  The items on this site are totally out of my price range, but the selection of items is amazing.  You should go there just to get a feel for how prolific, unique, and eclectic he was.

 Below are some of my favorites from this site.

Architectural Fornasetti Folding Screen

Arm Chair with Fornasetti Fabric

Teapot with Part of That Famous Face

Zigzag Table

Lamp Base.

Whimsical Tray

Umbrella Stand

Sea Life Tray
Corinthian Column Chair

Fornasetti Poster
This is the piece I'm lusting for:  A Fornasetti Cabinet

And after all that, you're probably asking, what do the boots have to do with this?  Well, the post was inspired by these rain boots I found while visiting my sister in Annapolis.  I call them my Fornasetti- style rain boots and like them even better than my leopard rain boots.  Here they are in my garden.

The only  Fornasetti items I own are a book, purchased on Amazon (filled with illustrations)

and this Swatch Watch, from eBay.  I found that the prices on eBay are very reasonable, but not quite the selection of 1stdibs.   They even have knock off pillow covers on eBay.  I'm tempted to buy them.  Has anyone purchased them and liked them?

In my dreams I go to an estate sale full of Fornasetti that I can afford.


Some non-Fornasetti info:  If you're in Annapolis, MD, on one street you'll find Target, Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, Arhaus Furniture, and a Latin restaurant with the best Happy Hour ever, Palador.

I haven't forgotten about the screened porch.  I'm working on it and will post about some landscaping next.  Stay tuned  by subscribing by email in my side bar.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Screened Porch Redo

(Link to post of completed porch:  click here.)

I was in love with the idea of having a screened porch when we bought our home.  But, the first time it rained, the gutters overflowed and the porch was flooded.  The previous owners had butted the roof of the porch up against the existing gutters .  There were no gutters on the outside and the roof was flat.  We tried so many band aids until we'd finally had it and started from scratch.  Here's the very very embarrassing before. 

I really liked the floor, but it too had to go .  They had used interior plywood for the floor.  I painted it with the diamond pattern, but with repeated water exposure, it didn't hold up.

After a significant snowstorm when the snow melted and then froze so that we had a skating rink on the porch, we knew it had to come down.

The results were amazing.

Definitely some landscaping needed, but the change is dramatic.  I'm so glad I decided to have a Chippendale railing done instead of straight slats.  And, porch steps with a railing and no more moldy lattice.  We love it.  Unfortunately, the week after it was completed the cold weather arrived and it's been empty, just waiting for me to fill it up.

Don't the floors look great!  There was one warm weekend before the cold snap when I stained the floors. We used an exterior oil -based stain on the porch flooring.   I was on my hands and knees for hours, applying the stain with a rag.  I could hardly walk the next day.    
Another semi heat wave came on Halloween weekend and I was able to finish painting the inside wall.  That also was the same weekend I published my first blog post.  I can't believe there wasn't more paint on the computer.

Link to post of completed porch:  click here

Completed Porch


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sandy's Vignettes

I recently posted about my friend's house here.   I had mentioned that her home had been selected to be one of the homes on the Bethany Beach Cottage House Tour.  Out of all the entries, her home was chosen as the one to be featured in the July issue of "Beach Life Magazine".
I had shared the rooms in her home, now I want to share all the vignettes she has created with her vintage treasures.
Bamboo and covered suitcase in the foyer.

Walking sticks and umbrellas with fancy handles.

Vintage desk and chair.  Notice the unique pedestal and cloche on the small table.

Her grandfather, father and husband are all athletes.
She created a gallery wall with their sports photos.

She sewed her father's sports letters onto the pillow.

A collection of trophies, vintage books, and a rare wicker mannequin.

Framed shell prints.

Silver plate bowls with compacts and Santos' hands.

Even her laundry has her special touch.

Another corner of the laundry.

Fabulous bamboo cabinet.

Another bamboo shelf.

A built-in cabinet in one of the bathrooms.

Stairwell view.

And the room that I covet, her workroom.

The other side of the work room.

A final image of the workroom.

What do you think?  Pretty amazing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In My Easter Bonnet

One of my favorite things to do is to re-purpose vintage items.  At Easter time I reinvent vintage hats as Easter baskets.  I like to find the fancy Spring hats with flowers in pastel colors like this one.

Then I flip it over and fill it with colored eggs or candy.  Voila, a unique Easter basket.  It also makes a super hostess gift when you add a plant.  Or, a basket for Easter bunny to fill.  My favorite use is as a center piece on my holiday table.

Happy Easter.  Here's to family time and chocolate.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Everyone needs a girlfriend weekend.  I just got back from my friend Sandy's house. I spent several days of girlfriend time eating, shopping, laughing, eating, shopping, talking, and eating, shopping, and drinking good wine.  I got to hang out with long-time friends Sandy and Carole Jo.  I also met some new friends and am looking forward to seeing them again.  Mary is Carole Jo's work colleague  and good friend,  Kate is her college roommate, and Judy is Kate's mother-in-law.  Judy is a talented artist.  Here we are after a breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, and cinnamon crumble coffee cake, energized to shop.

Sandy, Judy in front, Carole Jo, Mary, Me, and Kate

We spent the day in Berlin, Maryland.  It's a quaint town where the movie, Runaway Bride, was filmed.

It was a day for boutiques and antiques.

We found some accessories at TaDa and Nest, two boutiques.

Entering Nest.

Inside Nest.

Then we had lunch at the Hotel Atlantic.

Rockfish tacos.  Yummy.

Then some antiques here.

 We ended the day pool side at Judy's home.

You can tell how sunny and beautiful it was by the washed out photos.  Sorry.

The next day we spent in Lewes, Delaware.   More boutiques and antiques.  Here's Heritage Antiques where Sandy has her fabulous finds.

And, her booth.

If you missed the photos of Sandy's house, go here.
My next post will contain  images of the vignettes in her home.  Don't miss it.

Then off to eat at a bakery/cafe called Cake in Lewes.
Grilled cheese sandwiches with fontina cheese on home made bread with a side of duck fries.
(I guess I'll be jogging this off all week.)

What a good time.  Please make time for a day (or two) with friends.