Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Screened Porch Redo

(Link to post of completed porch:  click here.)

I was in love with the idea of having a screened porch when we bought our home.  But, the first time it rained, the gutters overflowed and the porch was flooded.  The previous owners had butted the roof of the porch up against the existing gutters .  There were no gutters on the outside and the roof was flat.  We tried so many band aids until we'd finally had it and started from scratch.  Here's the very very embarrassing before. 

I really liked the floor, but it too had to go .  They had used interior plywood for the floor.  I painted it with the diamond pattern, but with repeated water exposure, it didn't hold up.

After a significant snowstorm when the snow melted and then froze so that we had a skating rink on the porch, we knew it had to come down.

The results were amazing.

Definitely some landscaping needed, but the change is dramatic.  I'm so glad I decided to have a Chippendale railing done instead of straight slats.  And, porch steps with a railing and no more moldy lattice.  We love it.  Unfortunately, the week after it was completed the cold weather arrived and it's been empty, just waiting for me to fill it up.

Don't the floors look great!  There was one warm weekend before the cold snap when I stained the floors. We used an exterior oil -based stain on the porch flooring.   I was on my hands and knees for hours, applying the stain with a rag.  I could hardly walk the next day.    
Another semi heat wave came on Halloween weekend and I was able to finish painting the inside wall.  That also was the same weekend I published my first blog post.  I can't believe there wasn't more paint on the computer.

Link to post of completed porch:  click here

Completed Porch



  1. It is lovely. I can't wait to see what you put in it. I am jealous of those gorgeous floors

  2. that looks wonderful! the flooring is awesome!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! It looks as though it was always meant to be there and you did a fabulous job!

  4. Hey! I'm planning on screening in my porch, and your porch was my wife's favorite, especially the Chippendale railing. Was that a prefab railing, or was it a custom build?

    1. Yes, the builder did create the railing. I showed him a picture and he created it from that. It's a popular design though and I'm sure you would be able to find it prefab. I'd love to see your porch when it's done.

  5. Hi! I'm screening in my front porch, and my wife picked your design as one of her favorites, especially the Chippendale railings. They look easy to make, but did you buy them prefab? If so, where?

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