Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foyer Wall Sconce Change Up

Guess what?  I'm changing something in my house.
These wall sconces have been in my foyer for many years.  I actually like them and still do, but I found some others that I like better.  Here's a close up of  one of the current sconces.

Before I share the new ones, I just want to say that there are ways to add touches to simple sconces.  These sconces were pretty ordinary brass with no extras.
This is the before.

  I embellished them by adding the gilt shell.  It originally was a vintage curtain tie back.  I liked its shape and look and simply drilled a hole in the center of it and attached it with the screw that goes into the wall mount.  If your addition is thick, you may have to purchase a longer screw.  I purchased the bobeches and added them.  They already had the beads attached which really added some sparkle.
I've also seen bobeches with hanging crystals.

The faux leather shades are from SteinMart.  It's my resource for reasonably-priced shades.  It's the only place I know that carries a large selection of the sconce/chandelier shades.  I once needed 12 matching shades for a very large chandelier and found them there.

Here they are on the wall.  They flank the coat closets and an archway into the living room.
Chandelier glare from the living room.  Sorry.

This is a side view.

I'm replacing them with these by Alexander-John.  They have a more modern look.  They also have a sheer shade with another shade within as a liner.

A closer look at one of them installed.

A side view of the pair.


And here they are lighted.

What do you think?



  1. ooh yes!!! love the new ones! much more modern and fresh!

  2. Completely DIVINE!!! Just a small change with a HUGE IMPACT!!!! Thank you for sharing this inspirational update!!!

  3. Hi there! I am visiting from Southern Hospitality. I love the new ones and the old ones too but I prefer the new ones!! They are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!