Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Kitchen Chairs

I recently updated the seating and window treatments in my kitchen.

We seem to always have extra people over and I needed more than four chairs around the table.  In the pre-change up kitchen I had four industrial chairs and a pair of parsons chairs on either end of the table.   I decided I would recover the chairs and use them for additional seating.

I found some Lee Jofa fabric to co-ordinate with the Schumacher chevron fabric that I used for the window treatments.

Lee Jofa Fabric

Here's what the newly re-covered chairs look like.  They look good from the front or the back.  I'm so glad I decided to add the nail head trim.  It just finishes them off nicely.

I decided to place them on either side of my kitchen cupboard and pull them up to the table when we need two more chairs.

What do you think?


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Friday, August 26, 2011

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've become a fan of indoor/outdoor rugs and polypropylene  You see, I consider myself a 100% wool kind of girl.  I have to admit that when  I purchased this rug for my kitchen it was only because the border had a Greek Key design.   For a while now I've been obsessed with geometric designs, and especially with anything with a Greek key.
The rug was absolutely perfect under my kitchen table.

(If you missed the kitchen post, go here.)

Now that it has been there for a while and has been subjected to dog "mistakes", food spills, and kids,  I've become a fan.  What's not to like with something whose cleaning instructions say to clean with a mild soap and water.  I haven't tried this yet, but it can also be hosed down.

I decided that I wanted another for the food prep area of the kitchen.
Currently there's an oriental rug--also fabulous for hiding stains, but you know me and my other addiction, change ups.

I couldn't find another at the store so I went on line and found:

Outdoor Rugs Only

Here are some of the other rugs that tempted me.  I only looked in the Contemporary Rugs section, but there was a huge variety of styles.

  The 5 X 8 was only $99 with free shipping.

I love the color combination.  Other colors were available too.

This was called Arabesque.

Chains, also available in other colors.

I loved this but it was pricey.

This reminded me of a Duralee fabric.

Prices were all over the place, anywhere from $39  to hundreds of dollars.  I also want to say that I am in no way associated with or endorsing this company, just found a source to share.

I can't wait to get my rug.

Have a great weekend.  We're expecting Irene in our area.  I'm ok with rain and wind.  It's that loss of power for days that drives me crazy.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Kitchen Update Reveal

I continue to update my 1970's knotty pine kitchen.  In a previous post I shared that I painted my cabinets gray.  As a back splash alternative I used Duralee  Faux Snakeskin fabric and trimmed it out with nail heads.  This vignette with the pewter plate and urns stayed the same.  So did the back splash.  I love the faux snake skin fabric and nail head trim as much if not more than when I added it more than two years ago.  If you missed that post, go here.

I decided to change the window treatments to this Schumacher chevron fabric, High Voltage.

And also changed the chairs in the eat-in area from this:

To this set of four, found at a consignment store.

Modern Chrome and Leather Vintage Chair

Not much changed in the kitchen prep area.  I made a faux roman shade for above the sink and changed the red French canister set for a set of stainless.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to the Kitchen

Remember my post about my 1970's kitchen?  Look out!   Here comes the change up.

This is the eating area of my kitchen.  Chandelier and window treatments have to go.

I  want to change the vignette on this small buffet too.

I'll be using this Schumacher Chevron pattern called High Voltage for window treatments.
I think it goes well  with my gray cabinets and black and silver accents.

This is one of the 4 side chairs I have.  I really like their modern industrial look, but after sitting for a while, they're not very comfortable.  We tend to hang out at the kitchen table and it's also the homework spot.  We needed something more comfortable.

I was considering making seat cushions, but then I found some great chairs at a consignment shop.

Aren't they wonderful!  The leather sling is very comfortable.

Stay tuned for the reveal.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

It Rained. It Poured.

We were very optimistic about the weather.  The rain wasn't supposed to arrive until late in the day.  But surprise, the weather man was wrong.  It arrived way too early.

This is what we looked like at the start of the sale.

I have to say that I did manage to sell before the storm.  Yea!  I also was able to chat with friends who came by and meet some new friends too.  
Once the rain started, it was over.  I have to say as I stood on the porch waiting for the deluge to end I was not in blogger mode.  Only later did I say, " Darn, I could have done a Before and After post."  No photos of the after but let me say that I watched a blue-roofed pop-up tent bravely try to protect a haphazard mountain of stuff draped under yards of plastic.
We finally made it home.  I was still drenched and dripping but I started to smile.  I was in blogger mode again.  I grabbed my camera and snapped this photo of my garden.  The plants were absolutely thrilled with their long drink of water.

The drowned rat then scurried off for a long, hot shower.

How exciting was your weekend?
Stay tuned.  I smell a change up in the air.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Please, Someone Stop Me

I am cursed by the I am too organized gene.  I had everything ready for the sale at the Pink Poet in   advance.  I even photographed the items and had the post  (here) written a week before I published it.

I'm out of control.  I'm having so much fun pulling things together that I just had to share and tempt you with some items I just assembled after the fact.

You may have seen the wall sconces in a previous post.  I was able to find some crystals to complete them.  The bamboo tiered stand with baskets actually can serve a purpose besides being decorative.  I'm loving the iron x bench with the zebra fabric.  The weathered yellow child's adirondack is very cute.  It could be used in the garden.  I'm also into what I call guy things.  Vintage cameras work so well on office bookshelves.  The corona typewriter is in its case and in very good condition, but when I got it home I noticed it had eau de basement.  It's priced accordingly.

Now I need everyone to come to the sale and clean me out.  I don't know where I'll fit everything if it has to come home again.  

See ya Sat.  

If you love to decorate, please come to our 2nd Saturday sale on the grounds of the Pink Poet Antiques.
Saturday 8/13  from 10-5
 21412 Laytonsville Rd, Laytonsville, MD



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2nd Saturday Vintage Sale

Yea, it's time again for the next tag sale on the grounds of the Pink Poet Shop.
I'll be participating along with the shop owners and some other guest vendors.

2nd Saturday Vintage Sale

Loads of furniture and designer and vintage accessories on the grounds of the Pink Poet 
If you love to decorate, please come to our 2nd Saturday sale.
Saturday 8/13  from 10-5
 21412 Laytonsville Rd, Laytonsville, MD

I'd like to share a few of the items I'll have for sale.
Yes, I'll be selling that chevron table that gave me so much trouble but turned out great.

I love this re-upholstered bergere chair.  I used co-ordinating fabric.

Front View

Back View

I'm selling the books I covered with an architectural print along with some trophies and framed architectural prints.

Assortment of Sea Life and Industrial

A Pull Down Map of Africa with Overlays

Side tables with interesting shapes, painted Swedish gray, a pillow made from antique linen and a toile insert, a lady dress form, and a vintage oil still life.

Hand blown bottles, a stack of books, vintage glasses with owls, signed by mid-century modern designer, George Briard, (I have 10), a celluloid cabinet with drawers, a medical bag, and a vintage marbleized file folder.

More books that I covered with an image of a clock, cloches with clock parts, and even a dish with clock images, and a black tole tray.

Just want to say that I have even more that I didn't photograph.

I know I said I was done but I'm out of control.  I wrote another post with more stuff.
Check it out here.

I hope to see everyone there.  Make sure you say hello.  I'd love to meet you.


To see images from the last sale, go here.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

What I Learned About Painting a Chevron Pattern

Recently I posted  about my frustrating chevron painting project.  Here was my final result after many start overs and re-thinking.  If you missed the post, go here.


1.   I would never use a circle.  I would paint on a rectangle or a square.

2.   I would decide on a width.  I found that two or three inches is about right for a table top.

3.  Rather than trying to draw the pattern, I would purchase painters' tape in that width.

4.  I would find the center of the table and create the chevron design with my tape across the center.

5.  Next, I would follow the center pattern and place another row of tape against the top of the original chevron pattern and follow that pattern to make a matching touching row.


6.  I would continue making rows of touching chevron design until I reached the top edge.

7.  I would do the same thing with tape from the center to the bottom.

8.  The result will be that the entire surface is covered in zig zag.

9.   Next I'd remove every other row of tape.

10.  This is important.  I would press down the edges of the remaining tape so no paint oozes under and use a roller to paint in the untaped area with a contrasting color.

11.  Remove the tape and let me know how yours worked.  

I certainly hope this was easier than the way I did mine.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chevron Table

You know me, I'm always giving my look to everything.  The plain gray table was no exception.  I liked the size and shape, but I decided it needed a chevron pattern and nail head trim.

I needed to find the center of the table top to create the chevron pattern.  I placed a sheet of  paper on the table and made a pattern.  I folded the circle pattern in half and then into half again to divide the table into four equal sections.

Center of Table

Divided into Fourths

After I had divided the table top into four equal sections I started measuring for the chevron pattern, using the paper circle as a practice sheet.  I soon realized that this was waaaaay too time consuming.   I did not have the patience to grid it out.

My Practice Sheet

  But then I remembered that I had some chevron fabric.

I placed a piece of the left over paper from my book covering project over the fabric and used a ruler to trace the pattern.  Fast.  My speed.

See the push pin?  I made a hole at the angle with a push pin then placed the pattern on the table and marked the meeting points with a pencil then joined the points with painters' tape.  I also placed small pieces of tape in the areas I wanted to stay gray so I wouldn't accidentally paint them too.

After painting though, I decided that I wanted the chevron design to be narrower.  So, I divided the design in half and painted again!!!!!!!!
Next I added the nail head trim.
I quit.  Here's how it ended up.

Top View

Side View

I like the result, but not the process.

This project took waaaaay too long and this post is getting waaay too long too.
I'm going to do another post about how I would approach this project if-- and I mean if--- I would decide to do it again. Let's just say that I learned a lot with this project.

Look for the new and improved way to paint a chevron pattern in the next few days.
So much easier.

Hey, I just published my efficient way to paint the pattern.  Go here.


What have you attempted that was frustrating?
Or, can you share your positive chevron experience?