Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How I Re-purposed and Styled Vintage Post Offices Boxes

My husband and my son are vintage car enthusiasts.   They also love all  kinds of "guy" stuff.  Old oil cans, automotive and gas station related signs, car parts, and even the top to an old gas pump have found their way home with them.  So, on one of our joint flea market shopping trips it didn't surprise me at all when I opened the van and saw a section of boxes from a post office. 

Vintage Post Office Boxes
They came with all their keys and were outlined in a fabulous greek key design.
Our garage is the holding zone for treasures waiting for a spot in our home.  They stayed there for a while until we realized that they could be our new wine storage cabinet.  We were thrilled when they fit perfectly between the bookcases in the family room.  It was a win win--wine within reach and another find out of the garage.

Post Office Boxes in Their New Home

Perfect Fit

Our wine bottle opener set fits into the bottom drawer.

Of course you've noticed that I couldn't let a flat surface unstyled.  I added a tray to the top then filled it with accessories from other spaces in my home.

The sphere and the Hermes boxes came over from the mantel.

The horse head decided to leave a bookshelf and stay here.

Lately I've been loving anything with arrows.

Marble Sphere on Arrow Pedestal

 I liked my Trina Turk fabric so much that when I had a remnant of it from my ottoman project,
 I framed it as modern art.

Framed Trina Turk Fabric as Modern Art

I wanted to share one of the bookcase shelves.Notice the other marble orb on a pedestal.
It repeats the greek key pattern on the post office boxes.

One of the shelves on my bookcases.
We're ready for a party.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My Boho Pumpkin

One of my fellow vendors, Leila, is also a talented artist with a bohemian vibe I love.
When she decided to add her boho artistry to a white pumpkin, I knew it had to be mine.
It was just what my front porch needed to welcome Fall and the cooler weather.

Boho Pumpkin on My Bench

It's perfect with my new door color.

I used some branches, leaves, and pods from my yard as a back drop.

----soooooo lovin' my boho pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How I Chose My New Front Door Color

My front door has been orange for many years.   I love the color and the way it makes a statement.  It  also perfectly complements my Chinoiserie bench, my yellow garden seat, and my blue sphere.  Since the door doesn't face the street, the color also makes the entrance pop.

As you know, nothing lasts long around here.  It was time for the orange door to go.   I was trying to decide on a new color when I read an article about choosing front door colors based on Feng Shui principles.  I'll compress what I learned, but at the end of this post you'll find a link if you'd like to know more.

In a nutshell, I found that positive energy and nourishment enter your home through your front door.   The color you choose for the front door affects the energy your home receives.  According to the direction my door faces, the corresponding Feng Shui element for that space is Water.  The colors associated with this element are black and blue.  Holy Bagua Batman!  My door is orange--that's Fire--and you know how well Fire and Water get along.

Gotta make that change.  Who knows what I've been missing!

I've been on a navy blue kick for a while so that's the way I decided to go.
 Here's the new Feng Shui compliant door.

Here's the uncluttered view.

Sneaky Peek Into the Foyer Through the Door Grid


Now I know why I've always loved my blue sphere.

What do you think?  Blue or orange?????

I'm working on a post about the painting tricks I learned with this project.
Make sure you check back.

To learn more about choosing a door color based on Feng Shui principles, go here.