Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mirror Images

I've been noticing how interesting the reflections are in the mirrors in my home.  I decided to snap some mirror images.  If you're interested in which room is reflected, I've highlighted a link to the post within the text.
This modern geometric mirror is resting on my family room mantel.  Part of my chevron-backed bookcases is reflected there.

The convex sunburst mirror in my foyer gives a somewhat distorted image of my stairwell.

My shell map and my chinoiserie chandelier as well as my painted branches reflect in my greek key mirror on my mantel in my sunroom.

The next two reflections are from the mirror on my screened porch.  The first shows my ceiling tile art and one of my santos.

The second shows my wire orb and some iron candlesticks on the porch.

This next mirror is between my bookcases.

My pier mirror leans in the corner behind my sofa and my sofa table in my living room.
My bookcase and chandelier reflect into it.

This mirror is also in my living room.  It was actually a picture frame and I added a mirror to it.  Reflected in this ornate gilt frame are my iron pedestal spheres ,which I use as bookends, and framed black and white architectural prints.

My orange chinoiserie chandelier and a sneak peek of my wine poster appear in this mirror.

My stack of suitcases on my luggage rack and my chandy reflect in my decadent mirror
 in my powder room.

My driftwood, coral, and clam shell appear in my mirrored-top table.

That was fun.  I did realize though that I'm a little obsessed with sunburst mirrors.

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bling Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter my bling giveaway.  I also appreciate all the nice comments I received about the bracelets.  I especially liked Dottie's description that they were tailored and blingy at the same time.  So true.

Tailored and Blingy Bracelets

I used random.org to select the winner.

The winner is entrant number 12, Lynn, from The Vintage Nest.

Congratulations, Lynn .  I'll be contacting you by e-mail so think about which bracelet you'd like to have.

Again, thanks to all the entrants.  I'm sorry I can't give everyone a gift.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Repurposed Vintage Door

I've been on a chalkboard kick --and a door kick-- if you haven't noticed.  When I saw this door with its missing glass insert I knew that that space needed a chalkboard.

But of course I couldn't stop there.  I thought it needed a shelf too.  I found a board in my stash that was the same width as the door.  I just happened to have these vintage brackets too that would perfectly support the shelf.  They're rusty iron.  Yummm. (Sometimes being a hoarder works for me.)

Vintage Iron Brackets

I cut a piece of wood to the size of the opening then I primed it and then painted it with chalkboard paint.  I needed to remove the trim molding before I inserted the chalkboard.  I wedged a putty knife between the molding and the door frame and pressed the molding loose.  When the molding was out, there was a lip around the opening.  I rested the chalkboard on the lip to support it, then reattached the trim to hold the chalkboard in place.

Door trim molding reattached over chalkboard.

I also painted the shelf with chalkboard paint and attached it with the brackets.
I decided that the door needed a number too and added one.

Side view of door with shelf and number.

I think it looks pretty good for a funky chippy door.

So, are you ready to tackle a door?
I wanted to share some other ideas to get you started.  This is similar to what I did.


 I added a sawhorse to this door and created a table.


 This one is from Country Living Magazine.

Add burlap and nail head.

What do you think about doors as coffee tables?


I love the sconce on this door.


Create a horizontal chalkboard variation.

If you're in need of an entry bench or something for your mud room, this works.

You could also display art on doors.

Make a bookcase.


This has to be my favorite.  Would you be brave enough to do this?


I'd love to see what you've done with doors.


To see my other chalkboard creations go here.
To see how I made a table with an old door and sawhorses go here.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Share the Bling Giveaway

You know I love my bling.  I decided to share some of my arm candy with you. 

These leather snap-on bracelets come in silver, black, or orange.
Enter below to win one of the bracelets in your choice of color.

Another view.

Yes, they're part of my arm candy.

My arm with one of the bracelets.

To enter to win, click here and fill out the form.

Enter by 10pm Sunday, January 27th.
I will announce the winner, selected by Random.org, on Monday, January 28th.

Winner chooses black, silver, or orange bracelet



If you'd like to see my previous post about loading your arm with bling,
go here for more arm candy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hot to Shop: Vintage Pull Down Educational Maps

 I've written about vintage maps before, but thought I'd re-work and post about them again.

 One of the questions I'm frequently asked is:  I love vintage shopping, but how do I know what to buy?    How do you decide what to buy and where you'll use it ?
My answer is that I've been doing this for a while.  Part of the skill involved is just repeated exposure.  I  subscribe to design magazines, design blogs, read design books, and watch programs on interior design.  On some level, if you get enough design exposure experience, you'll find that you'll notice something that you've seen in one of your resources and just know that you should purchase it.  Many of my purchases are a gut reaction.  Only after I look at my design file, my Pinterest boards, or look at a magazine again, do I realize that I saw that idea previously.  It's almost as if I subconsciously stored the object of the image.  After so many years, I just know when I should purchase something--not always where I'll use it--but I know it will work.
So I guess the short answer is practice and exposure and trust your gut.

Finally, to the point I've been trying to make with all that talk.  I've been writing some posts about what's trending in vintage decor, so while you're developing your shopping skills --what fun practice shopping--you can look for some of the things I feature.

Today I'd like to feature a hot design trend, educational classroom maps.  They are sometimes called posters and also called vintage teaching charts and pull down maps.
I'm sure you're all familiar with the maps like these:

The classroom teaching charts that I always look for have a science/nature-related theme.  In my sun room I have a reference map for shells.  It's one of my favorite things in my home.
You can see that it has been well-used. It was so fragile that I had to apply a muslin backing so I could safely hang it.

It actually was the design inspiration for the look and the colors in my sun room.

My Sun Room With the Vintage Shell Teaching Map

I recently found this smaller version with mollusks.  I love the vibrant colors and the size.  I'm noticing that many of these educational maps are from Germany.  I haven't decided if I'll use this in my home or sell it.

This next image is more of a science poster.  It's definitely shabby, but I really liked the subject matter
and the illustrations.

This last image isn't even vintage, but I loved the art and the gold leaf.  I have plans for this one.

As you can see,  the science-related maps have greater appeal to me.  I love them for their subject matter but also for their vibrant colors and design. Their large size really makes a statement.

Here are some other examples of nature-related pull down maps
 that will surely make you want to own and display some.

Source for the vintage teaching charts' images that are not from my home here.

Put these maps on your decor trend shopping list. You can find them readily on e-bay under the pull down map category.  Here are some (fuzzy) images of some I recently saw for less than $150 on e-bay. I'm also seeing them more and more in antiques shops too.

This botanical isn't vintage, but what a bargain.  It's at IKEA and it's $19.99.

Let me know what you find and how you used it.
What are you hot to shop for?  How do you decide what to collect (hoard)?


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brass Wall Sconce

Do you ever agonize over a purchase and when you finally bite the bullet you're so happy you made the buy?  That fabulous brass wall sconce in my foyer was one of those purchases.  I saw it in a shop and didn't buy it.  I thought about it, went back to get it, and saw that it was on sale.  No brainer.  I bought it immediately.  I've loved it and never regretted buying it.

I think it's perfect against the striped walls in my foyer.

My purchase was totally justified when I saw it featured in an article by the Style Salonista about San Francisco designer, Benjamin Dhong.  I love the wallpaper background he used and the fact that he added some orb-shaped candles.

Benjamin Dhong Design

To see the rest of the home decorated by Benjamin Dhong, go here.
The rooms are fabulous and inspiring and not to be missed.

I think I'm going to look for those candles.  Any ideas where I can find them?