Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mirror Images

I've been noticing how interesting the reflections are in the mirrors in my home.  I decided to snap some mirror images.  If you're interested in which room is reflected, I've highlighted a link to the post within the text.
This modern geometric mirror is resting on my family room mantel.  Part of my chevron-backed bookcases is reflected there.

The convex sunburst mirror in my foyer gives a somewhat distorted image of my stairwell.

My shell map and my chinoiserie chandelier as well as my painted branches reflect in my greek key mirror on my mantel in my sunroom.

The next two reflections are from the mirror on my screened porch.  The first shows my ceiling tile art and one of my santos.

The second shows my wire orb and some iron candlesticks on the porch.

This next mirror is between my bookcases.

My pier mirror leans in the corner behind my sofa and my sofa table in my living room.
My bookcase and chandelier reflect into it.

This mirror is also in my living room.  It was actually a picture frame and I added a mirror to it.  Reflected in this ornate gilt frame are my iron pedestal spheres ,which I use as bookends, and framed black and white architectural prints.

My orange chinoiserie chandelier and a sneak peek of my wine poster appear in this mirror.

My stack of suitcases on my luggage rack and my chandy reflect in my decadent mirror
 in my powder room.

My driftwood, coral, and clam shell appear in my mirrored-top table.

That was fun.  I did realize though that I'm a little obsessed with sunburst mirrors.

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  1. I'm a newbie to blogging and photographing pictures with a mirror in the shot has proven to be challenging. Now that's a great way to handle the problem and have a beautiful image as well.

  2. Beautiful! We moved into a new house last summer. I've been adding lots of mirrors to bounce the light around. We have bright areas but also dark areas. I keep finding that mirrors are reflecting a big fat nothing! That's what happens in a new house with so much to do. :)

  3. Kathy, Love this post! My fave is the sunburst mirror with your beautiful staircase in the reflection. I was trying to take photos this morning of a vintage jewelry box. It has a mirror inside and I was trying to get a pretty reflection in the background. No such luck! LOL

  4. Wuite a collection of mirrors your have. Funny but the only ones I have are in the bathroom. I do like them but somehow manage to fill space with other things.