Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Decoupaged Dresser

I just realized that not only do I buy and hoard too much fabric, but I also do the same with gift wrapping paper.  I'm always finding more paper that I love.  But, I don't have the heart to use it as gift wrap.  I just know that it will be torn, crumpled, and tossed.  So, I find ways to save it.
I've lined a plain tray with it, used it to cover books, or as a back drop in bookcases.
I always use it as a drawer liner.
 At the end of this post I'm sharing some of my smaller projects.  Big project first.

I've had some wrapping paper for a long time. 
 I decided to decoupage one of my long-time favorites onto a vintage dresser.
 The pattern is so pretty and it even has a name, Versailles. 

"Versailles" Wrapping Paper

I've decoupaged small pieces before, but wanted to try to add this paper to a plain dresser.
I used a crackle medium and linen white paint on the surfaces I didn't cover with paper.

Decoupaged Five-Drawer Chest

Normally, I use Mod Podge when I decoupage. 
 This time though I decided to use this archival adhesive from Michaels.

Archival Adhesive

The hardest part was lining up the pattern.  Before I got started, I numbered all the drawers on the bottom so I was sure they would be in the correct order.  I had already removed the knobs and painted them when I painted the dresser.  Next,  I placed the drawers, face up onto the floor in the same order they were in the dresser.  I started lining up the pattern with the top drawers, then continued down to the last drawer, matching each one with the drawer above it. 

Completed Drawer Fronts with Matching Pattern
Once I knew that the pattern was lined up correctly, I cut the paper a little larger than I needed it to be. You can trim this excess off later with a razor blade when the adhesive dries. Next, I used a sponge brush to apply some adhesive  and completely cover the drawer face.  I started  with the paper in a corner of the drawer and smoothed from side to side until the whole drawer was covered.  I used an old credit card to make sure there were no air bubbles underneath.  You have to be careful and patient.  Once  the drawers were dry, I trimmed the excess and applied several coats of adhesive on top to seal the paper.  I added extra adhesive around the edges to seal them and keep them from peeling up.  I added the knobs and put the drawers into the dresser

I even added a piece of the tassel pattern in the center of the knob.

Knob with a Piece of the Paper Pattern in the Center

Chippy Leg and Sides and Scalloped Apron

I also added the gift wrap to the sides.

Side View with Paper

The recessed panel made it very easy to measure and apply.

Recessed Side Panel with Gift Wrap Paper

You can see that I lightly distressed the painted surfaces.

Side View Close-up

You've probably seen these before, but I wanted to share my other uses for wrapping paper.

I wrapped some books in plain orange paper, then decoupaged a vintage elephant print to the spines.
Full post here.

I used paper with a zebra print to cover some books.  They're perfect risers at the store.
My chalkboard has a leopard wrapping paper border.

Animal Print Wrap on Books and Chalkboard

I always use it to line drawers.

Gift Wrap as Drawer Liner

I lined a tray with snakeskin wrap then used the extra for more books.

Snakeskin Paper on Books and in Vintage Tray
In this next image I used chevron fabric on a bookcase, but you just as easily could use gift wrap.
You can use foam core behind to support it.  To see the full post, go here.

Chevron-backed Bookshelf in My Family Room
I have one last tray to share.  I used some wrapping paper  from World Market to decoupage these marching elephants onto a plain gold tray.

Decoupaged Tray in My Daughter's Apartment

How have you used your gift wrap?
Do you rescue wrapping paper?


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  1. Oh wow, that dresser is amazing. I love all of your projects. I guess I need to hoard more gift wrap.

  2. I'm a keeper of papers too. I don't buy much wrapping paper, but I'll save pretty papers, sacks, cards, etc. What will I ever do with them? Who knows, but just can't toss them in the trash or recycle. When I taught school, I kept them in a box in an art center in my classroom. Beautiful papers are perfect for all types of school art projects. Love your dresser! All the other projects too, but the paper on the dresser is amazing!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah. You are so right about saving papers. Of course I do that too. And, I was a teacher.

  3. In person the dresser is so eye catching and unique

    1. Thanks Sarah. Sill working on the space. I hope someone will fall in love with it next weekend.

  4. I would have messed up that dresser for sure! :) It's beautiful Kathy! If it's for sale at your space, I bet it goes fast! xo

    1. Oh Lynn, I've seen you tackle many complicated projects. And yes, it will be for sale next weekend. Fingers crossed it sells.

  5. Kathy, I am in love with the paper and the dresser tuned out wonderful! Your book projects are still one of my all time favorites. Thank you for joining the Share Your Style party.

  6. Thanks Sherry. So glad you like my latest project. I love joining your Share Your Style party and am so sorry I was unable to be a part of such wonderful group of bloggers. Continued success with it.