Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mercury Glass Spheres

I love spheres.  In fact you might say I'm obsessed with them.  
Imagine how thrilled I was when I found some huge mercury glass spheres on clearance at 
Pottery Barn last December.  I bought three and have been hoarding them all year.  I knew that they'd fit perfectly in my dough bowl on my dining room table.

I lined the bowl with some cedar that I had clipped from my yard.  I hate those ugly cedar trees, but I must admit that their branches come in handy during the holidays.  They last a surprisingly long time indoors and make fabulous fresh wreaths.  I hate to admit it, but they last longer than my favorite, magnolia.

Mercury Glass Spheres in My Dough Bowl

Here's another view.  I love how the branches hugged the spheres. Notice the marks on the dough bowl that show it was shaped by hand.

Another View of the Dough Bowl and Spheres

I always use my cow hide rug as a table cover.  To sparkle it up, I added a sequined table runner.

Cow Hide Table Cover Layered with Sequin Runner

As I was taking the photos, we had a burst of sunshine.  It made the spheres sparkle even more.

A Ray of Sunshine on My Dough Bowl and Spheres

A Closer Look at the Sparkle

The spheres created quite a lovely pattern on the opposite wall too.

Reflections on the Wall from the Mercury Glass Spheres

My Dining Room

I am so glad I have the dough bowl.  I use it all the time for seasonal change ups.  Do you have a special find that you re-style over and over?

Of course I have some other ideas for you in case you don't happen to have three huge spheres that you've hoarded for a year or an equally huge dough bowl.

A wonderful urn will work with some ornaments.


What about a compote with pine cones from your yard and apples?


What about lining the vessel with feathers?

Via Pinterest

This container is filled with mini ornaments, but you could also use strands of garland.
The addition of the belt is so clever.


I could see these as a centerpiece or on your mantel.


You could use a tray as your container.


Happy Decorating


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  1. All beautiful ideas! I have several dough bowls of different sizes and enjoy using them for seasonal things too. Love the huge balls. I'll be on a search for some for myself. Great look!
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration! Merry Christmas……..Sarah

  2. Beautiful photos, Kathy, and so many great ideas! Love the dough bowl--I need to get one of those! Have a Merry Christmas!