Monday, December 9, 2013

Encased in Ice

 A yard full of shimmering shrubs greeted me this morning after our ice storm last night.

The first glimpse I had was from my kitchen window.
The cedar branches supported clumps of ice and the last buds of my climbing roses, encased in ice, glistened.

The Last Buds of My Climbing Roses

What leaves remained were also trapped in ice.

The Last of the Leaves Dripping

The branches also looked beautiful encircled and dripping.

The berries on my climbing hydrangea were encased in ice.

My Climbing Hydrangesa

My gnarly Japanese Maple was not spared.

Japanese Maple

The Red Tip was coated.  I love that it holds its color in the winter.

Red Tip

The apple tree was in quite a tangle.

Apple Tree

My neighbor's shrub was completely covered.

My Neighbor's Shrub

The pear tree didn't escape the storm either.

Pear Tree

I also had some non-greenery in my yard that was equally coated in ice.

My mailbox and the holiday greens and ribbon were covered.

My Mailbox with Holiday Decor

The lamp post wasn't spared either.

Lamp Post

I loved what the storm did to my garden architectural fragment.

Architectural Fragment

Check out one of my truck's tires.

My Big Red Beast's Tire 

They are predicting another storm tonight.  How greedy am I hoping for another snow day?


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  1. Hi Kathy, I am a warm weather person and I can't say I miss the snow and ice since moving to Florida. Your pictures are beautiful! Check out my post about our trip last week to see how I like to spend Winter. Happy Holidays!