Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Chinoiserie Love

If you've been following along you know that things come and go frequently around here.  I have to say that my set of Chinese chippendale chairs are still safe.  I love anything chinoiserie and I've yet to tire of these wrought iron beauties.  When I purchased them they were white, but not for long. 
 I painted them a Chinese red. 
 I'm really not a fan of red, but these work for me.

My Chinese Chippendale Chairs
I re-covered the seats with the same geometric fabric I used for the draperies in the room.

Chair Seats With Geometric Fabric
When I purchased the chairs, I had a table in mind.  I found a fabulous iron table with an x base. Unfortunately, it was missing its glass top.  It's pretty pricey to replace tempered glass so I carried the table top measurements around for a while until I found a mirror with the same dimensions.  I think it's a pretty good fit.

Mirror As Table Top
I really love the x base and the knob.

My X Base Iron Table
What I place on the table changes frequently.  I filled a clear vase with some twisted branches from my yard.  I painted them with the same Chinese red.   I added some black sand and shells to weight it down and to support the gnarly branches.

Painted Harry Lauder Walking Stick Branches in a Shell-Filled Vase.
The faux clam shell, filled with shells and coral, is from Zgallerie.

Faux Clam Shell
I'm so happy with the mirrored top and its changing reflections.

Mirrored Table Top Reflections
No room is complete until you add an animal print.

My Zebra Rug
These chairs have some sentimental value to me too.
They're the chairs that Nate Berkus featured when I was a guest on his show.


Here's another view of the space from another post.

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  1. I love them and I love the fabric too. Gorgeous room.

  2. love them in red and the mirror on top is genius!

    1. Thanks Cassie. It took me a while to find a mirror just the right size, but when I did, it was perfect!

  3. Beautiful, Kathy. I've always loved your chairs and using a mirror on the table was such a great idea.

    1. Thanks so much Sherry. Glad you love my fav chairs. You know I love just about everything at your house, especially all your sea life vignettes.

  4. Kathy, you know I'm crushing over all of this. Love the chairs, and how perfect they are with the table. You are so clever to use a mirror for the top. Makes it all "over the top" for me. Adding this to my Bamboozled Board. '-)

    1. Thanks Sarah. You know I'm heading over now to follow your Bamboozled Board.