Sunday, July 29, 2012

Le Petit Marche

My sweet friend and fellow vendor, Mable, has decided to seize a wonderful opportunity and open her own shop, Le Petit Marche.  The name is perfect for her "little shop" since Mable loves all things French and her merchandise reflects that infatuation.  Her shop will be a vintage shopping addition to a popular restaurant, The Canal House Creamery & Cafe, located in an 1820's house in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  Customers can eat and shop ---or shop then eat.  How fun.

The Canal House Creamery & Cafe
 Diners have the option of eating inside or out. 

Mable's shop is connected to the cafe with this walkway which of course she decorated.  I love the row of baskets with overflowing flowers on the railing.

( She also has an additional side entrance.)

This is what you see when you enter from the walkway.  Wow!

Enjoy these next images of her fabulous finds.

She does have a way with antlers.  So pretty.

Please visit

Le Petit Marche
open weekends or by chance

To contact Mable for questions or to arrange an appointment:

located in The Canal House Creamery & Cafe
1226 W Washington St
Harpers  Ferry, WV

I hope you'll stop by.  You won't be disappointed.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

For Nature Lovers

When most of my perennials have finished blooming, my Black-eyed Susans surprise me with their burst of yellow.  They're my lovely late bloomers.  I've been meaning to take some photos of them and was forced to grab the camera when a swallowtail butterfly decided to flutter among them and some lavender phlox.  Enjoy.

So, how does your garden grow?   Please share.


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Saturday, July 21, 2012

How I Layer

One of the best decor solutions for an expanse of wall in a home is a gallery wall.  I decided that I would try something different though on a large empty wall in my living room.  Instead of a gallery arrangement, I was going to use a vintage garden gate to fill the space.  I originally purchased the gate for my garden, but after getting it home I thought it was way too nice for the garden and I found a spot for it inside.

My Very Chippy Wonderful Gold Leaf Gate Against the Living Room Wall
Layering is one of my favorite things to do.  Here's my step by step to my wall vignette.
I had a large framed print of an urn.  You know how I always change things so I was reluctant to put a huge hole in the wall to hang the picture, especially since the room had recently been painted.  Big trouble with Mr. AAV too when the next change up happens.   Instead I used a gold architectural pedestal and a large plate holder to support it against the gate.

Urn Print Leaning Against Wall Supported by Architectural Pedestal

For the next layer I added a vintage tiered table with a Duncan Phyfe base.  The tiers are supported by small turned brass posts.  This type of base is very common on vintage mahogany dining room tables.  When you see it on the table though they have double pedestals for support.

 Any time I come across mirrored stands I buy them.  I love the footed stands.  Many times they were intended to be used on vanities or dressers.  For me, they're perfect pedestals for cloches.  I think the one I'm using in this project was a ceiling mount for a light.  It looks like some clever person added a mirror.  I love its uniqueness and its perfectness as a riser.

Mirrored Pedestal

Instead of topping the pedestal with a cloche, I filled a glass cylinder with my signature orbs.  I use orbs everywhere in my home.  I love the color and marbleizing on these.

I couldn't stop here of course.  On a trip to the beach last year I found this Italianate candlestick while shopping.  I topped it with another orb instead of a candle.

Wait, there's more.  Are you surprised?  I love unique bookends.  These mimic columns and you know how I love to add architectural features to the mix.

 The next image shows both book ends embracing some well-worn leather books.

Don't leave.  I'm almost done.  The last thing I did was steal some slip covered chairs from the dining room and place them on either side of the table.

Did you notice the mirrored footed dresser pedestal on the table shelf?

So what do you think?
What have you layered?  What have you done to fill an expanse of wall?  Please share.
I love it when you comment.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

July Stylish Patina Barn Sale

We had an extra week to get ready since the first of July was a Sunday. 
 I hope you'll come by and see our treasures this month.
Below is a sampling from my space.

Thonet Bent Wood Chairs, Globe, Maps

The trophy is for Pugs from the African Kennel Club.

Campaign Desk

Oval Library Table with Clock Face

Glass Block Bookends, Vintage Books, Panthers

Brass Magazine Stand, Vintage Books, Glass Door Knob, Florentine Box

Drafting Table

Metal Office Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves, Assorted Drawers, Farm Gears

More Drawers

Thermometers, Insulator, Wire Brush, Bottle, Chevron Camp Stool

Treadle Sewing Machine Drawers

Vintage Shelf

Shells in Cloche, Framed Shell Book Plates


Retro Mannequin

German Pond Boat

Thomasville Table with Three Leaves and Set of Six Chairs from the 1960's

Beachy Blue Side Table, Florentine Trays, Bottles with Shells, Santos, Pair of Italianate Lamps

Sale Dates
July 20, 21, 22
10am to 5pm

  4051 Stanford Ct, Frederick MD
- We are right off Rt. 15 {coming from Leesburg it's a right / coming from 270 it's a left} turn on to Mountville Rd.
- 1st left onto Winchester Blvd.
- Wind through the industrial park
- Turn right into the horse farm at Stanford Ct!  You'll see our sign at the end of the road.

*** Stanford Ct is a new road so most GPS's don't find it so use a phone mapping system or print directions from Google before you leave.

Stylish Patina Barn

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I've been seeing fiddle leaf fig trees in every room of the house and really loving the look.  I'm not much of an indoor plant person, but my brother offered me a fig tree that he'd grown from a cutting.  I'm not sure it's a fiddle leaf fig, but it does have the look.
 For the summer I placed it in front of the garage.

Right now it's in a plastic pot.  I'm thinking I will drop it into a large woven basket.
 It seems happy in front of the garage for now.  I have to bring it inside for the winter though.

It definitely needs to grow a little and to be pruned.  I planted some portulaca around the base and I hope it will cascade and cover the ugly pot.  

The images that follow are my design inspirations for my little tree.

And George

Betsy Burnham

Elle Decor

Habitually Chic

House Beautiful

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Elle Decor

Jonathan Adler

I'm not sure that mine will ever be this lovely, but a girl's gotta give it a shot.
What plants do you have and love?  Please share.