Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I've been seeing fiddle leaf fig trees in every room of the house and really loving the look.  I'm not much of an indoor plant person, but my brother offered me a fig tree that he'd grown from a cutting.  I'm not sure it's a fiddle leaf fig, but it does have the look.
 For the summer I placed it in front of the garage.

Right now it's in a plastic pot.  I'm thinking I will drop it into a large woven basket.
 It seems happy in front of the garage for now.  I have to bring it inside for the winter though.

It definitely needs to grow a little and to be pruned.  I planted some portulaca around the base and I hope it will cascade and cover the ugly pot.  

The images that follow are my design inspirations for my little tree.

And George

Betsy Burnham

Elle Decor

Habitually Chic

House Beautiful

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Elle Decor

Jonathan Adler

I'm not sure that mine will ever be this lovely, but a girl's gotta give it a shot.
What plants do you have and love?  Please share.



  1. You just can't go wrong with a philodendron. They are pretty much adaptable to most lighting conditions. And I have good luck with the peace lily too plus they give pretty white blooms. I love a pop of fresh green live leaves in any room. That's amazing that he grew that pretty plant from a cutting. He's got quite a green thumb. Happy Sunday. :)

    1. Peace Lilllies clean the air. They are the best plants for this. Just keep them moist with fiiltered light.