Saturday, July 21, 2012

How I Layer

One of the best decor solutions for an expanse of wall in a home is a gallery wall.  I decided that I would try something different though on a large empty wall in my living room.  Instead of a gallery arrangement, I was going to use a vintage garden gate to fill the space.  I originally purchased the gate for my garden, but after getting it home I thought it was way too nice for the garden and I found a spot for it inside.

My Very Chippy Wonderful Gold Leaf Gate Against the Living Room Wall
Layering is one of my favorite things to do.  Here's my step by step to my wall vignette.
I had a large framed print of an urn.  You know how I always change things so I was reluctant to put a huge hole in the wall to hang the picture, especially since the room had recently been painted.  Big trouble with Mr. AAV too when the next change up happens.   Instead I used a gold architectural pedestal and a large plate holder to support it against the gate.

Urn Print Leaning Against Wall Supported by Architectural Pedestal

For the next layer I added a vintage tiered table with a Duncan Phyfe base.  The tiers are supported by small turned brass posts.  This type of base is very common on vintage mahogany dining room tables.  When you see it on the table though they have double pedestals for support.

 Any time I come across mirrored stands I buy them.  I love the footed stands.  Many times they were intended to be used on vanities or dressers.  For me, they're perfect pedestals for cloches.  I think the one I'm using in this project was a ceiling mount for a light.  It looks like some clever person added a mirror.  I love its uniqueness and its perfectness as a riser.

Mirrored Pedestal

Instead of topping the pedestal with a cloche, I filled a glass cylinder with my signature orbs.  I use orbs everywhere in my home.  I love the color and marbleizing on these.

I couldn't stop here of course.  On a trip to the beach last year I found this Italianate candlestick while shopping.  I topped it with another orb instead of a candle.

Wait, there's more.  Are you surprised?  I love unique bookends.  These mimic columns and you know how I love to add architectural features to the mix.

 The next image shows both book ends embracing some well-worn leather books.

Don't leave.  I'm almost done.  The last thing I did was steal some slip covered chairs from the dining room and place them on either side of the table.

Did you notice the mirrored footed dresser pedestal on the table shelf?

So what do you think?
What have you layered?  What have you done to fill an expanse of wall?  Please share.
I love it when you comment.

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  1. Kathy the gate is perfect for creating a frame for the chairs and table. Love it!

  2. Love the layers and those chairs are working me over - too cute! I'm on a quest to re-do several wall spaces in our home - this is helpful! -diane

  3. The gate is wonderful. You have such lovely accessories. Hugs, Marty

  4. Love the vignette. Great layering. xo, Ron

  5. Such great pieces! And I love how you layered them.

  6. yes, those chairs are pretty awesome! and you are pretty awesome at layering!

  7. You always do something unexpected....that is why I follow your blogs and secretly wish you were my bff so you would come do my home. I am in Maryland too and would totally abuse our friendship to take advantage of your talents. My biggest question is, "how do you make sure that your colors flow through the space without looking like standalone vignettes"? I mean, I know that you are all about vignettes, but how do you make sure those orange chairs don't clash with other vignettes in the room? I am a fabric collector and I think what holds me back is worrying that I have to redecorate the whole room around one piece of fabric...

  8. You always do something unexpected which is why I follow your blog and secretly wish you were my bff so you'd work your magic on my house. I am in Maryland too and I would totally take advantage of our friendship to use your talents at my house! My biggest question is, "how do you make sure that the colors that you use in a vignette will flow with the colors in the rest of the room, so you don't appear to have stand alone vignettes"? I know that you are all about vignettes, but how did you know that the orange chairs would work with the rest of the room? I collect fabrics but I think that is what holds me back from incorporating them often, the fear that I'll have to redecorate the entire room around that new pop of color.

  9. Fabulous find on the gate@ And it sure makes a wonderful layering much fun and interest going on in your vignette. Love the chairs!

  10. Oh so beautiful. Thanks so much for joining the cloche party. Love your marble balls, and the entire vignette is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  11. Beautiful Vignette. I am hosting a Giveaway to win a 50 dollar gift card to the store HomeGoods. It would be great if you stopped by and entered. Thanks Anu