Friday, May 31, 2013

Shabby Stools

I recently found these fabulous shabby stools.  Such great rustiness and chippiness.  I was going to leave them as they were, but I thought the seats deserved a face lift.  I couldn't remove the stains on one of them and decided that one of the stains was a cigarette burn.  The other had some rips.

It was really easy to remove the seats from the stools.  They were held on with only four screws.  I removed the vinyl fabric and added new padding.  I've already done a post about how to recover a simple seat cushion.  Go here for complete instructions if you missed the post.

The first stool is on wheels and the height of the seat is adjustable.   I chose a blue geometric fabric and finished off the edge with cording  Here it is assembled.

Adjustable Vintage Stool with New Seat

Here's a closer look at the fabric.

Vintage Stool with Geometric Fabric

I repeated the process with the tall chippy stool.

Vintage Stool with New Seat

I used one of my favorite fabrics.  It's Robert Allen for Dwell Studios.   
  I love the bird and the color.

Chippy Vintage Stool with Chinoiserie Fabric

I'm really happy with the face lift.  Have you updated something lately?


They'll be for sale at the Vintage Marketplace at Glenwood.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I'll be one of the guest vendors at a fabulous shop-----
The Vintage Marketplace, a once-monthly Decorator Tag Sale in the heart of Western Howard County, just minutes off Route 70.
You will find extraordinary refinished vintage furniture, garden decor, one-of-a-kind home accessories, custom industrial and re-purposed pieces and architectural salvage...all amazingly styled to fit your home.

The Vintage Marketplace at Glenwood
2945 RT 97
Glenwood, MD 21738
I'll be sharing some of what I'll have soon. See you there.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Shady Solution

If you're looking for an easy-care, fragrant, and beautiful ground cover for your shady spots, 
Sweet Woodruff is my favorite.  A friend divided some of her Sweet Woodruff and shared them with me .  She told me it was perfect at the base of a tree where nothing seems to grow.    I used to plant impatiens in those spots but the deer have convinced me to find something else.  Besides, Sweet Woodruff is a perennial and it spreads quickly.  It also completely covers an area and keeps down the weeds too.   And, I just found out that it keeps pests away from roses and peonies. 

At first I planted it around tree bases.  Then I discovered that I loved mixing it in with the rocks and flowers in my garden too.

It's so easy to divide.  I can't believe that all these plants came from several small ones.

They really keep down the weeds around my ferns, nandina, lamb's ear and hosta.

What do you plant in your barren shady spots?
You can purchase the plants but I always like to share with a friend.
If you live nearby, come visit and I'll be happy to divide my Sweet Woodruff for your shade garden.


To see more of my garden in an updated post go here.

If you're looking for more ground cover information, go here.  Ground cover in your plantings is the perfect way to keep down the weed population.

University of Illinois Extension

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Re-visiting Cloches and Lucketts Update

 Before I begin the post, I wanted to let everyone know that the Lucketts Spring Market was fabulous for vendors and shoppers alike.  It was a cloudy day with scattered showers but that did nothing to discourage the crowd.  The line started forming an hour before opening.  There were two entrances and I couldn't see the end of the long lines. With 200+ vendors there was something wonderful for everyone.  The shoppers I chatted with were thrilled with their finds.   My daughter helped me and we were busy from the opening until mid afternoon without a break.  It was a great weekend for hunting unique finds, making new friends, and catching up with long-time vendors/friends and bloggers I don't often see.  Kudos to The Old Lucketts Store for all the hard work they
did to make it successful for all.

On to cloches.
Lately I've been going back and re-visiting old posts.  
If you missed my visit to my urns and trophies, go here.

Another "theme" that I noticed was how often I use cloches--both in my home design and in the shop.   I've selected waaaaaaaay too many cloches from my home and the store that I wanted to share.

This cloche is on my screened porch.  It holds some sea life and a mercury glass bird.  Suspended above is another favorite design prop, a sphere.

Things have a way of moving around my home.  This cloche with the artists' brushes 
first appeared on a table in my foyer.

Next, the brushes took up residence on my porch.

Currently, they're in my dining room.  

Shells and coral are displayed under this cloche in my sun room.

I have an egg on a pedestal under this cloche on my family room bookshelf. 
 Can you see the word "nest" etched into the glass?

In my living room, a collection of mottled orbs fills a jar.

In the Fall I filled a jar with acorns and antlers.

I received a gift of some lovely velvet pumpkins from one of my readers. 
 I used them to create more Fall decor on the mantel.
 I have a stack of mini leather books under the cloche.

But wait, there's even more.  I carried my obsession over to the shop displays too.

Shells under another cloche with framed shell prints as a back drop.

Bottles and cloches for sale.

I even put some clock parts under glass.

I did a Fall market and filled these with pumpkins, crows, nests, pine cones, artichokes, and acorns.

Antlers work anywhere,  I combined them with some orbs for one of our sales.

I thought these lemons under glass perfectly complemented the chandelier and the 
campaign furniture I was selling.

More woven grass spheres became part of a garden vignette in the store.

Whew!  Have I totally over cloched you? 

Please come back again. I hope I've given you some ideas about ways
to display your treasures under glass.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adding To My Stash for Lucketts

Don't forget to come by.  This market is not to be missed.  Two hundred vendors.

Lucketts Spring Market 2012

Lucketts Spring Market 2012

Lucketts Market 2012

And, the Design House will be open too.

Design House Old Lucketts Store

Design House Old Lucketts Store

Design House Old Lucketts Store
I've pulled together some more vintage finds to add to my stash for the upcoming sale--
this weekend-- at the 

I'll be selling this bistro set.  Perfect for the garden.  I found another bird cage and a swirly piece of ironwork.  I may turn this chippy carved frame into a chalkboard.  I'll have a selection of empty frames for sale too.

Lucky me, I found a swivel-seat stool and a heavy metal step stool.  I also will have these pop-out vintage cameras for sale and a cute little turquoise camera that has its original box and instruction manual.  Love the diamond shape in the window and the dental molding on the pediment.  I bought this walnut dresser drawer because I loved the blue inside.  I've been stacking books inside drawers and using them as small bookshelves.  The thick book with tabs is the largest unabridged dictionary I've ever seen.  The pages are marbleized too.

I love the color and pattern on this window.  I made some more chalkboards from vintage door panels, painted a mirror pink, a bamboo table citrine, a selection of architectural fragments and sewing machine drawers an assortment of colors, and another empty frame in a color I call Minty.  The vintage wire planter and the spring chair are a deep turquoise.  The floral quilt is vintage and would make a great table cover for a garden party.

Hope to see you at the Market.   Yea.  Can't wait.  Don't miss it.
My booth with be in the Main Entrance Field.  Please say hello.


Go here and here to see my previous posts about what else I'll have for sale at Lucketts.

Lucketts Annual Spring Market arrives

May 18 & 19, 2013

10am to 5pm both days.  $7 admission daily
42350 Lucketts Road  Leesburg, VA

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Orbs in the Garden

Why can't my landscaping always look as good as it does in the Spring?  Everything seems to have burst into blooms at once in my front yard.  Looking good even without the mulch.

My garden is filled with all types of ornaments among the blooms, but one of my favorite garden embellishments is the orb.  I've already shown you that my front porch has an orange and blue color combo going on.

Front Porch Last Summer

Well, my daughter and I were out shopping a few weeks ago and we both zeroed in onto a large garden orb.  It was huge and the perfect blue for my front yard.  She stood guard so no one could scoop it away from me while I looked for someone to help us lift it.   It was heavy, but we got it home and with some help placed it in the garden.  Perfect.

You know that I'm addicted to Pinterest.  I've been pinning images of orbs in the garden and wanted to share them too.






So, how do you add interest and dimension to your garden?


I'm currently coveting a large disco ball orb.  I'm hoping to find one at an affordable price but haven't found one in my price range yet.  If any of my readers has a source I'd love for you to share.