Monday, May 20, 2013

Re-visiting Cloches and Lucketts Update

 Before I begin the post, I wanted to let everyone know that the Lucketts Spring Market was fabulous for vendors and shoppers alike.  It was a cloudy day with scattered showers but that did nothing to discourage the crowd.  The line started forming an hour before opening.  There were two entrances and I couldn't see the end of the long lines. With 200+ vendors there was something wonderful for everyone.  The shoppers I chatted with were thrilled with their finds.   My daughter helped me and we were busy from the opening until mid afternoon without a break.  It was a great weekend for hunting unique finds, making new friends, and catching up with long-time vendors/friends and bloggers I don't often see.  Kudos to The Old Lucketts Store for all the hard work they
did to make it successful for all.

On to cloches.
Lately I've been going back and re-visiting old posts.  
If you missed my visit to my urns and trophies, go here.

Another "theme" that I noticed was how often I use cloches--both in my home design and in the shop.   I've selected waaaaaaaay too many cloches from my home and the store that I wanted to share.

This cloche is on my screened porch.  It holds some sea life and a mercury glass bird.  Suspended above is another favorite design prop, a sphere.

Things have a way of moving around my home.  This cloche with the artists' brushes 
first appeared on a table in my foyer.

Next, the brushes took up residence on my porch.

Currently, they're in my dining room.  

Shells and coral are displayed under this cloche in my sun room.

I have an egg on a pedestal under this cloche on my family room bookshelf. 
 Can you see the word "nest" etched into the glass?

In my living room, a collection of mottled orbs fills a jar.

In the Fall I filled a jar with acorns and antlers.

I received a gift of some lovely velvet pumpkins from one of my readers. 
 I used them to create more Fall decor on the mantel.
 I have a stack of mini leather books under the cloche.

But wait, there's even more.  I carried my obsession over to the shop displays too.

Shells under another cloche with framed shell prints as a back drop.

Bottles and cloches for sale.

I even put some clock parts under glass.

I did a Fall market and filled these with pumpkins, crows, nests, pine cones, artichokes, and acorns.

Antlers work anywhere,  I combined them with some orbs for one of our sales.

I thought these lemons under glass perfectly complemented the chandelier and the 
campaign furniture I was selling.

More woven grass spheres became part of a garden vignette in the store.

Whew!  Have I totally over cloched you? 

Please come back again. I hope I've given you some ideas about ways
to display your treasures under glass.



  1. Great to see you yesterday! I am so happy that you had a good sale at Lucketts!!

    I adore the cloche with the artist brushes. I totally get why are moving it to each room so that you can always enjoy it.

  2. This is such a timely post for everyone that can't figure out how to decorate a cloche. I am hosting our spring/summer cloche party on the 22 of this month, so be sure to link up. I love all of yours, they are fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  3. so glad it was a success for you and it was so good to see you SO happy! :)

  4. You have some great ideas and inspiration here! I love the one with the coral and the bird!

  5. I do adore all of your cloches, thanks so much for linking them to the party. So much inspiration and so many fabulous ideas. Hugs, Marty

  6. I don't know which cloche I love more....such a great post! I especially love the ones with artists creative!

    Great job!

  7. Your cloches are so inspiring, each has a story to tell. Love the artists brushes, perfect look.

  8. Amazing. Very artistic! Cleaver and unique.

  9. You have some real beauties, but I especially like the brushes displayed in the cloche!