Friday, May 3, 2013

Favorite Finds

I wanted to share some of my newest favorite vintage finds. 

I purchased this pair of foo dogs.  What do you think of the combination of red and turquoise?

Foo Dogs on My Mantel

I always buy bird cages when I find them.  This one reminded me of some Roman architecture.

Bird Cage, Iron Bird, Demijohn, and Egg Print in Burled Frame

Did you ever notice when you're out shopping that you find many of the same items?
It was a faux snakeskin kind of shopping trip.

Snakeskin Desk Blotter, Covered Box, Watch, Bracelet, and Trash Basket

Multiple finds again with ironstone pitchers.

Ironstone Pitchers and Vintage Books

I love old globes.  Notice the globe on the left has its own atlas tucked inside.

Vintage Globes

Mad Men-inspired barware is so popular.  I also found a tangle of bangles.

Barware and Bangles in a Tangle
Great colors on these vintage picnic baskets.

Tower of Tin Picnic Baskets

I love finding typewriters and clock faces.  In the back ground is an old corduroy-covered ledger book.  The first page is marbleized.

Remington Typewriter, Ledger Book, Clock Face

So, what favorites have you found?


I'll be participating in two outdoor markets and some of these finds (you know I'll keep a few for myself) will be for sale at:

And, in June,

Click on the images to go to their websites and get more info.
Make sure you say hello if you stop by.


  1. Fantastic finds!!!

    I, of course, like the typewriter arrangement the best, but they all look great. :)

    Great post.

  2. Love all your finds and I'm sure you'll have no problem selling any of them. The problem is which ones to keep if you're like me! :)

  3. I know your booth is going to be so popular Kathy. Love that globe with the builtin. You will have to email me your cell # and exactly where your booth will be at Lucketts so I can find you