Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Harbinger of Spring

I know that Spring has finally arrived when my Tulip Magnolia bursts with blooms.

Tulip Magnolia in My Back Yard

Its branches and pink petals fill my window.

View From the Sun Room

It totally covers the window when viewed from the back yard.

It seems to be resting on my Mugo Pine when viewed from the side porch.

It almost covers the back of the house.

It even drapes itself around my pergola.

How does your garden tell you that winter is finally over?



  1. Aren't these tree/bushes fabulous Kathy? I have one too. It's huge and provides all the shade for the pool in the summer. It's my sign of Spring too because mine always blooms in mid to late March but this year it didn't. I was really worried about it. But it finally put out some blooms but not near as many as usual. Maybe it's just having an "off" year. We had so many little starts coming up under it, that last Fall I dug some up and transplanted them in the front natural area. They lived and are flourishing. Yay! Your's is gorgeous.

  2. I should plant a tulip magnolia in my garden. I've long admired one that is in our neighborhood. They are gorgeous!