Friday, March 11, 2011

Unique Framing Ideas for Maps

Yes, I'm still on a map kick. (Previous map post here.)  In my home I have several framed maps. The one in my powder room is a giclee map of Versailles in 1746.  Since I have stainless steel accents in that and an adjoining room,  I had it framed in stainless steel.  I love the contrast with the vintage and modern.

I also have two over sized stainless frames in my kitchen.  Inside the small opening is a mini map print of the city of Rome in 1667, and in the other a map print of the city of Paris in 1572.   You could just as easily do the same thing with a vintage post card or other interesting ephemera.
The small print in a huge frame is dramatic.  A variation of this idea would be to place a small print in a much larger mat and frame.

The last different thing I did was to frame a large map in quadrants.  It's the first thing you see as you enter our bedroom.   I purchased the map in four sections, but you just as easily could cut a large map in four equal parts and frame the parts.  I like the look .  I also placed some mini globes into urns and into a loving cup.  What do you think?

What have you done with maps?
Please share.


  1. I ADORE the frame in the first photo! Looks terrific!

  2. hey!! I am in LOVE with the map idea and want to hang some old maps around but cant find any cool ones around! where do you go to find your maps?!?!?1 thanks so much!!

    libby from

  3. You are on a map kick! LOVE it!!! I am glad you saw mine too :-)

    @ Libby: I found mine at the thrift store, but I bet ebay has some great finds too!

  4. These are all jsut fantastic, so cretive and unique. They add some lovely interest to your home and walls!

  5. Lovely blog, hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!

  6. Love your maps and choice of frames. Just recently finished a huge quadrant map.