Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frenchy Bench Revamp

I  purchased this small vanity bench with great lines but worn fabric.
 The fluted legs and the color sold me.  I knew I could transform it.

Here she is in her original condition.

The modern fabric on the bench was totally the wrong design.  I removed the old fabric and foam.

Modern fabric on frenchy bench---nooooooo.

There were only four screws holding on the top.  It was easy to get down to the wood top.  I added new foam before adding the new fabric.  I re-attached the top.

Since the bench had hints of yellow I chose this Robert Allen chinoiserie fabric.

This is what the new top of the bench looks like.

I also added cording which I made in a coordinating fabric.

This is the completed vanity bench.

What do you think about the transformation?

To see how to make bias cording, go here for my tutorial.
To see how to reupholster a seat, go here for my tutorial.

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Hudson Valley Store Fronts

My friend Stephanie and I recently visited our friend, Annie, who lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  We saw many picturesque towns, but the town of Hudson, New York was the most impressive.  This is the main street and its refurbished buildings with rows of impressive shops and art galleries.

Luckily, some buildings remained untouched, retaining their original rustic shabbiness.  
This was one of my favorite doorways.

And of course I absolutely fell in love with these crumbling shutters and railing.

While I was shooting the artistic store front displays I was upset by the glare and reflections.  I thought I would be disappointed when I downloaded the images, especially since I forgot my camera and was using my cell phone.   But, the exact opposite occurred.
Not only were the window stylings fabulous, but the reflections of the buildings in the vignettes also made them even more stunning. 

Enjoy the store front displays and the superimposed architecture.

Cute, but not for sale.

Have you ever seen so many perfectly styled windows in one place before?
And, such an adorable dog.


Friday, October 26, 2012

When All My Flowers Are Gone

All Spring and Summer I have the luxury of picking flowers from my garden and enjoying the blooms inside.  One of my favorites are my peonies.  They're so short lived but so lovely.
Peonies From My Garden

Even now that the weather has turned cold, I still can find garden cuttings in my yard.  I think that the shapes that branches take on are so interesting.  I placed these branches in a demi-john on my front porch.

I especially liked these branches because they had some funky mold stuff on them that made them even more interesting.

I also like to clip a selection of branches which haven't lost their leaves.  I placed some multi-colored beauties in my favorite hand blown bottle with my framed ceiling tile as a back drop.

Fall Arrangement on My Screened Porch

Branches are one way to add nature inside when the flowers are gone.  I also use cuttings from my shrubs.  My favorite shrub to use is my Nandia, sometimes called Heavenly Bamboo.  In the Fall the leaves are green but in the winter they have hints of red. One variety even has berries.  The look of a totally green arrangement places the focus on the texture.  In fact, I use Nandina cuttings inside all year long.

Nandina Bouquet in an Urn in My Dining Room

I wanted to share one more image that I'm sure many have seen already.  It's the Harry Lauder Walking Stick branches that I painted red and placed in a vase with some sand and shells.

Branches on My Mirrored Table in My Sun Room

So, what to you do for some Fall nature in your home?


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Monday, October 22, 2012

A Way With Empty Frames

Whenever I find vintage frames I always purchase them.  Sometimes they have artwork, but usually they're just empty.  I love to use them for chalkboards.  How fun is this one painted a bright pink.

I also love the look of gallery walls with empty frames.
 Why not paint the frames and the walls the same color?

Or, this image via Pinterest of empty frames painted in variations of yellow and arranged above a fabulous settee.  Notice the pillows in the same hue.

These frames are all the same color but what I love about this image is that some frames are within frames and others hold unique objects .


What about painting empty frames different colors and layering them on a dark wall.

via Pinterest

Or, this image that gives the impression of a work in progress. 
 How cute are the animal heads in the empty frames? 

I love the large frame with smaller frames and a bust.


Empty frames with fabric can be artwork too.

I used fabric in a frame in my family room.  You don't always have to have a grouping.

These frames are the right corners of frames.  They're all natural and look fabulous.


How fun are these frames on the turquoise wall.


Or, these empty frames with a wallpaper background.


I do believe that gallery walls are much more interesting when collectibles are interspersed with the frames.

I also wanted to share this chart with suggestions for gallery wall configurations.

I created a variation of the empty frame idea with an old door.  This door was missing its glass insert.  To me it became an oversized frame.  I have it leaning against the wall in the upstairs hallway.  Inside I placed two wonderful framed French engravings.  I'll be doing another post about the door.
 Please check back.

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