Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hudson Valley Store Fronts

My friend Stephanie and I recently visited our friend, Annie, who lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley.  We saw many picturesque towns, but the town of Hudson, New York was the most impressive.  This is the main street and its refurbished buildings with rows of impressive shops and art galleries.

Luckily, some buildings remained untouched, retaining their original rustic shabbiness.  
This was one of my favorite doorways.

And of course I absolutely fell in love with these crumbling shutters and railing.

While I was shooting the artistic store front displays I was upset by the glare and reflections.  I thought I would be disappointed when I downloaded the images, especially since I forgot my camera and was using my cell phone.   But, the exact opposite occurred.
Not only were the window stylings fabulous, but the reflections of the buildings in the vignettes also made them even more stunning. 

Enjoy the store front displays and the superimposed architecture.

Cute, but not for sale.

Have you ever seen so many perfectly styled windows in one place before?
And, such an adorable dog.


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