Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frenchy Bench Revamp

I  purchased this small vanity bench with great lines but worn fabric.
 The fluted legs and the color sold me.  I knew I could transform it.

Here she is in her original condition.

The modern fabric on the bench was totally the wrong design.  I removed the old fabric and foam.

Modern fabric on frenchy bench---nooooooo.

There were only four screws holding on the top.  It was easy to get down to the wood top.  I added new foam before adding the new fabric.  I re-attached the top.

Since the bench had hints of yellow I chose this Robert Allen chinoiserie fabric.

This is what the new top of the bench looks like.

I also added cording which I made in a coordinating fabric.

This is the completed vanity bench.

What do you think about the transformation?

To see how to make bias cording, go here for my tutorial.
To see how to reupholster a seat, go here for my tutorial.

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