Friday, October 19, 2012

My Apple Pie Secret Ingredient

I'm not much of a baker.  In fact, when I bake a pie I always purchase the pie crust and I prefer to make cherry pie because it only involves opening a can and pouring it into the crust.   But, since we have some apple trees in our yard I've been cajoled into baking apple pies.  Don't you hate peeling eight cups of apples? 

Anyway, my secret ingredient is to add some water to some confectioners sugar and drizzle the mixture onto the top of the pie crust as soon as it comes out of the oven.  It melts, forms a sugary crust, and this non baker gets rave reviews.  Here's one of the many pies I've made this Fall. 

Those trees were way too productive for me, but my family is very happy.
BTY, I've given apple pie tutorials to family members but no one seems to be able to
 master peeling apples.



  1. Sounds good, but you need relief! I haven't peeled an apple for apple pie for 40 years! Yes, I'm a rebel, but why throw away that part? Makes no sense since it cooks up anyway!

  2. I'm not a lover of apple pies but my Bobby G. loves them so I have made one so far this season. He likes my pies just fine but I have yet to find an apple pie recipe that I like all that much. Since I know I will have to make a few more before apple season is over, I am definitely going to try your little trick. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing :)