Monday, October 22, 2012

A Way With Empty Frames

Whenever I find vintage frames I always purchase them.  Sometimes they have artwork, but usually they're just empty.  I love to use them for chalkboards.  How fun is this one painted a bright pink.

I also love the look of gallery walls with empty frames.
 Why not paint the frames and the walls the same color?

Or, this image via Pinterest of empty frames painted in variations of yellow and arranged above a fabulous settee.  Notice the pillows in the same hue.

These frames are all the same color but what I love about this image is that some frames are within frames and others hold unique objects .


What about painting empty frames different colors and layering them on a dark wall.

via Pinterest

Or, this image that gives the impression of a work in progress. 
 How cute are the animal heads in the empty frames? 

I love the large frame with smaller frames and a bust.


Empty frames with fabric can be artwork too.

I used fabric in a frame in my family room.  You don't always have to have a grouping.

These frames are the right corners of frames.  They're all natural and look fabulous.


How fun are these frames on the turquoise wall.


Or, these empty frames with a wallpaper background.


I do believe that gallery walls are much more interesting when collectibles are interspersed with the frames.

I also wanted to share this chart with suggestions for gallery wall configurations.

I created a variation of the empty frame idea with an old door.  This door was missing its glass insert.  To me it became an oversized frame.  I have it leaning against the wall in the upstairs hallway.  Inside I placed two wonderful framed French engravings.  I'll be doing another post about the door.
 Please check back.

To see more gallery wall ideas go to my Pinterest page.


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