Friday, October 5, 2012

What's With Me and Geometrics?

There are two things you can say about my design choices:  I love black and geometrics.
Well, they're everywhere.  

They're on the pillows on my living room sofa.

This wool rug with a greek key pattern jumped into my shopping cart.
It told me that it would be perfect layered over my flokati rug.

I purchased a pair of Mid Century Modern coffee tables from my friend, Sarah, one of the owners of Hunt and Gather.

 To soften them and provide a comfortable place to rest feet, I added a cushion in a geometric pattern of course.  They also are extra seating, and if I add a tray, a place to put my cup of coffee.

One of a pair of coffee tables/foot stools.

Even the towel in my powder room has a geometric pattern.  The towel is hanging on a vintage copper wall planter sans flower pot.

My dog sleeps on her geometric dog bed. 
 I'm always teased about coordinating the dog bed with my kitchen.

Sweet Bella

Yep, my kitchen is black with a greek key bordered rug and chevron draperies.

Who likes geometrics?


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  1. I really hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it...I have absolutely no geometrics in my patterns are more flowy, you know random! I do like that rug under your table. ;)