Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pops of Orange in My Family Room

There's always a change up in the works at our house.
 This time I'll introduce browns, yellows, metallics and my decor favorite----orange.

I moved this ottoman from the living room to my family room.  It originally had a very traditional solid blue cover, but of course I updated it with some Trina Turk fabric in a bold orange geometric.  I draped it with a tasseled throw and added the orange tray that I normally use on the patio in the summer.  Inside are a stack of vintage books topped off with a moss orb and faux antlers.

I think it's just what the room needed to break up all the green.  The green chairs in the background are new to that spot.  They originally were torn red vinyl.  In the background is my much loved MCM buffet.  It supports our huge TV that I conveniently cropped out.

Detail of My MCM Buffet
Check out how the faux antlers hug the moss orb.

Flanking the buffet are a pair of brass, glass, and chrome vintage MCM bookshelves.
The backs were open to my very uninteresting beige wall.  I filled the space with some architectural prints in leather frames.  They're a good back drop for the nature-inspired vignettes.

Take a closer look at the shelves of the bookshelf on the right.
I'm using my orange Hermes scarf boxes as risers.  The antlers are naturally bleached, 
and resting on the top shelf is one of my spikey spheres.

I stacked some mini books under a cloche and added a turtle shell on top of the pile. 
I found the shell on a walk in the woods.
The antler alongside it is faux.

Gotta share the other shelf too.

The Other MCM Shelf
Another sphere is on top, the Santos traveled from another spot to be on the shelf, the skull is resin.

One of my covered bottles helps hold up one of those always wobbly brass birds.

This lantern also decided to come in from the cold.  
(It will go back to the patio when the weather warms.)
I filled it with my growing collection of velvet pumpkins and some seed pods from a neighbor's tree.
The fabulous brass cube table is from an estate sale.

What colors direct your decor?


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  1. I love orange, and this is all so pretty. I adore those Hermes boxes too. Love.

  2. Thanks. I love those boxes too. One of the vendors in our store was selling them and I bought them all. She probably thinks I'm crazy for buying so many but they were "just enough".

  3. Love the two architectural prints on the glass etagere. Keep the ideas coming, love it.

  4. Thanks Mable. I hope you'll be in the area for a visit sonn and I'll get to see you. Miss ya.

  5. Such a fantastic space! I also love orange, in particular when paired with navy! I'm about to do a MCM dresser with a pop of it! Thanks so much for sharing your vision at the Share a Site link party! I hope to see many more posts of yours in the weeks to come! Cheers, Suzanne at The Painted Drawer