Thursday, September 3, 2015

It's A Farm Animal Explosion

Besides being labeled a little funky, I'm being identified as the farm animal girl at Sweet Clover Barn Sales.  These fun farm animals have become one of my signature styles.  Their popularity never seems to wane.  I have to say the cows are cute, but the goats win hands down.

Here are my vintage finds tucked in with an animal explosion.

Set of 4Vintage Wrought Iron Chairs with Awning Stripe Fabric

Bleached Antlers

MCM Chest of Drawers
Matching Night Stand

Gears, Embossing Stamps, Binoculars, Cameras

This desk is actually the base to a vintage radio cabinet.

Santos and Wooden Rosary
Vintage Mini Books and Faux Antler Hook
Pair of Pendant Lights

Vintage Frame, Metal Honeycomb Book Box, Framed Vintage Baseball Team

Horse Pillow inside Bed Crown

Drafting Table

Stainless Adjustable Vintage Stool

Vintage Vanity with Mirror, Sunburst Mirrors, Wall Art

My husband calls this guy the Andy Warhol goat.  
He's so much fun and sells every time he appears.

Goat, Horse Show Trophy 1947, Urn, French Books

I have a soft spot for clocks and clock parts.

We've added a sale in September for Labor Day.  Please join us.
I'm working Sunday.

9/5 and 9/6


  1. Looks wonderful, Kathy. I'm loving all the different turquoise clocks. Did you find them like this or paint them? Really fun!

  2. The clocks are new. Besides mixing animals with the furniture, I also mix old and new.