Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chinoiserie and Vintage Finds

I think I've become totally spoiled by having a shop with once-a-month sales.  I have three weeks to really pull the space together and think through the design for the month.  We added a sale for Labor Day Weekend and before I could collect myself---and collect more to sell--it was time for another sale.  Whew!!!!!  I can't wait to return to our slower pace for October.

If you love yourself some Chinese Chippedale/Chinoiserie, I have a pair of chairs and 
a fabulous two drawer chest with a pull-out tray.  I used a hand-painted folding screen as a back drop.  They make perfect head boards or can also be a summer fireplace screen.

 My other favorite find for this month is a curvy black and brass bench.
  I added an animal print pillow with cording to soften it.

My wonderful vanity didn't sell last sale so I added a caned back Italian side chair beside it.
 Let's see if that works.

Chinese Chippendale Chairs and Bamboo Chest with Pull Out Tray

Large Wooden Bead Rosary

Chinoiserie Cachepot

Hand-Painted Folding Screen

Asian Screen

Custom Toile Pillow with Designer Fringe

Curvy Copper and Black Metal Stool

Animal Print Pillow and Metal Arrows
I can always count on selling an arrow, or two, or three or TEN at our sale.

Arrows--Always Best Sellers

Caned Back Chair "Made in Italy"

I always have empty frames.

The shoes are still hanging around, but I love this pic.  We need someone with size 8 to come in.

Mini Leather Books Inside A Crown

Numbers and Letters
Horse Trophy is Still Around

Even if you can't come to the barn and shop, I hope you've enjoyed viewing my finds and displays.

Sweet Clover Barn Sale
Sept. 18-20


  1. Hi Kathy, If only I lived closer! You have some amazing things for the sale.

    1. Thanks so much Sherry. I wish you still lived in Va too.