Friday, December 15, 2017

Holiday Decor With Hermes Boxes

Several years ago I purchased a stack of Hermes scarf boxes.  I've mostly been using them as risers when styling my chrome bookshelves in my family room.   For the holidays, I scooted one of the bookshelves over to one side of the fireplace and styled it for Christmas.  

I added some sparkle with a vintage Christmas tree, some stylized silver deer, and a sequined table runner on the mantel.  The  disco balls are from the living room floor.  I gathered them up and placed them in and around my Chinoiserie planter and filled the gaps with magnolia. 

The mantel was too narrow for the magnolia branches, so I placed a few magnolia sprigs in some flat-backed urns and layered them in front of the architectural posters.  The branches are from my back yard.  (I may have painted them orange.)

What's a room without some fur?

Stacked Hermes boxes, shed antlers, and wooden ornaments, purchased long ago from West Elm, fill the shelves.

More boxes under the tree and another sequined deer.

Here's a peek through the tree branches.

I'm really down to the wire here for Christmas.  I still have to decorate our tree.  It's only been in the stand for two weeks waiting for me.  

How is your holiday decorating going?


  1. Oh I only have one Hermes box that came with a belt that I gave to my daughter, so this makes me drool.

  2. Thanks Marty. FYI, the seller kept the scarves. LOL. Love my empty boxes though.