Thursday, January 15, 2015

Snippets From This Month's Sale at Sweet Clover

I am so last minute and down to the wire. 
 I just returned home from setting my space and the sale is tomorrow!!!!  So not like me.

Here are a few pics to tease you into coming to shop.
If you'd like to see them all go to my Facebook page here.

Boho Mirror and Paper Umbrella with Bamboo Handle

Antique Books with Velvet Belt and Buckle

Section From Framed Print

Loom, Binoculars, Camera, Shoe Last

Chinoiserie Container

Fan in Shadow Bow, Scarves, Mercury Glass

Come shop with us.


Hope to see you all there. 
Sweet Clover
4051 Stanford Court
Frederick, MD
Jan. 16-18

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  1. Oh wow, so many fabulous treasures. You asked about the gold metallic dot fabric. I found it at They have some really great metallics. I found several that I love.