Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Curly Iron-Based Side Tables with Nail Head Trim

I purchased a pair of curvy iron bases from a friend.  
They originally were black, but I painted them gray and distressed them.

Curvy Iron Table Bases

I bought two pre-made round table tops at Lowes for only $10 each.
I diluted the same gray paint I used for the bases and gave the raw wood a wash.  
All I did was apply the thinned paint and rub away with a damp cloth where it was too dark.
You can see the wood grain still showing.

Gray Washed Table Top

To dress them up I added large nail heads around the edge.

7/8 inch Nail Heads from DIY Upholstery

This is a good look at the nail heads, the distressed base, and the gray wash.  
Sorry it looks like a face.

Oh my, it looks like a face!!

I styled the tables with some nature inspiration. 
 Oh please Spring, come soon.

Nature-Inspired Styling

One last look at that nail head.  

Yes, I admit I'm obsessed with nail head.


  1. Kathy, I love the tables and the nail heads are perfect.

  2. The nail heads make it perfect, Kathy! Wonderful:)