Monday, February 23, 2015

Unexpected Art

Recently I shared ideas with art in unexpected places.  If you missed the post, go here.
Today, I'd like to share how I display art in my own home.

I have some sea life prints in mirrored frames.  Since there's a field in my back yard,
 I chose to leave the windows drapery free and placed the frames directly on them.
I also have a large vintage classroom pull-down map between the windows.

Art on Windows in My Sun Room

A Closer Look

The Other Side of the Sun Room

In my living room I layered a print over a garden gate.

A Garden Gate as a Back Drop

A ceiling tile is my art on my screened porch.

Ceiling Tile Art

I had a map framed in quadrants for our master bedroom.

Framed Map in Our Master Bedroom

I found this wonderful chunk of wood.
 It was almost two inches thick and already shaped into a half circle.
 My artist friend painted a scene on it for me.  It's layered in front of my pier mirror.

Art Hand Painted on a Board in My Living Room

I used an old door as a frame for this pair of prints.

Art Inside a Door Frame in My Upstairs Hallway

I add art as well as books onto bookcases.

Art On One of My Family Room Bookcases

Art On My Other Family Room Bookcase

I also applied architectural prints to the spines of books.

Architectural Prints on Book Spines in My Laundry Room

How do you like to display your "art"?


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  1. always so inspiring and full of wonderful ideas Kathy. Your home is so pretty

    1. Oh Lynn thanks so much. I'm always changing things so often, maybe I'll leave it alone for a while. Hmmm, what are the chances of that?

  2. Mom said: "Everything looks magnificent. Keep up the good work."

    1. Ahh, Mom, so glad you like it. What a great visit we had.