Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's A Fern Explosion In My Garden

One of my favorites---and the easiest to care for----plants in my garden are my ferns.  
I have both perennial ferns and annual ones that I purchase each year and 
place in different containers scattered all around the yard.  They all thrive.

These perennial ferns along my patio wall started out as four small plants. 
 In only a few years they spread out into an explosion along the wall.

Perennial Ferns Along My Patio Wall

They're a wonderful border for my garden path.

Perennial Ferns Line the Garden Path

Recently I divided them and added them to the garden bed on the opposite patio wall.
I always use architectural salvage to add interest to the beds.  
In the foreground is a piece from an old fountain.

Perennial Ferns in Another Bed and a Fountain Fragment in the Foreground

My annual ferns are pretty easy to plant and to maintain.  I don't even remove them from their pots.  
I just plop them into my containers.  No digging involved.
This one ended up in one of a pair of large urns at the foot of the path to the patio.

Annual Fern in an Urn

This other fern ended up inside a chimney pot.
At its base are perennial begonias.  Another of my favorite blooming ground covers.

Annual Fern in My Chimney Pot Surrounded by Perennial Begonias

The black lattice is a perfect back drop for another annual fern in another chimney pot.

Annual Fern in Front of Black Lattice on the Side of the Garage

My last annual fern rests on a tall planter inside an iron garden sphere.

Fern Inside an Iron Garden Sphere

I love my iron sphere.  I change it seasonally.  To see its other transformations, go here.

Fern Peeking Through My Iron Sphere

What plants do you have in your garden that never disappoint?


Two years ago I shared the ways I incorporated architectural pieces into my garden.
If you missed it, please check it out here.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Martina. I love them and they're so super easy. My kind of gardening.

  2. I do love ferns. Since my courtyard gets only minimal light, I use many combos of ferns. My favorite lately is the kangaroo paw fern. I love your usage of architectural pieces.

    1. Thanks Ron. I never heard of a kangaroo paw. I'm definitely checking it out. Sounds fun.