Friday, January 13, 2012

More Stripes

I painted some horizontal stripes on my walls in my home and I liked them so much I decided to add some stripes to a piece of furniture.  I started out with this simple antique pine dresser.

I removed the hardware, sanded it, then applied a primer and several coats of  a linen white paint.

Next I completely covered the front and both sides with 2 inch painters' tape.

 I removed every other row of tape and pressed down all the edges to prevent paint from leaking under the tape.  Oops, I pulled up some of the paint.  I'll have to sand and prime before I paint those areas again.  I guess I just pressed down too hard on the tape.  That wasn't supposed to happen.

I painted the dresser in my new favorite color combination--gray and orange. 

I even striped the sides.

I sealed the finish with this product.

The final touch, add the knobs, and I was done.


My trick for painting knobs:

1.   I insert the screw into the knob.
2.   I hold onto the screw and paint the underside of the knob first.

3.   When the underside is dry, I cut slits into a box lid and slide the screw into the slit.  Once the knobs are stabilized it's easy to paint the top side.   Egg cartons work just as well as box lids.

So what do you think about horizontal stripes on furniture?



  1. i love this dresser! i saw one like it at knack that i pinned and have been waiting for the right piece to try it on! i love it on this one- it works beautifully!

  2. Looks awesome, Kathy! Love the stripes and color combo...If I were closer, I would probably buy it! Nice job

  3. I love the horizontal stripes! They look great with the color combo! What a great dresser!

  4. You must have lots of patience to tackle a project like this! It's fabulous!

  5. Great job! I've been thinking about striping an old trunk I have - This was great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Kathy, I think it's fabulous! My husband would love it too as he went to Clemson and it's their colors. Anyway, you did a great job!
    PS Come link it up at my place Wednesday if you can!?

  7. So fun! I love stripes. You did a fantastic job! :)