Saturday, January 21, 2012

Flokati Rugs

Hand made wool Flokati rugs were very popular in the 60's and 70's and they're back again in modern design. They're soft, shaggy, and soooo soft underfoot.

They're great in main rooms.

Via Stylephile

And so luxurious on bare feet in the bedroom.

Via Stylephile

To see more of these rugs in room settings, go to Houzz.

Recently I stopped by one of my favorite consignment shops.  The shop owner mentioned that they'd gotten some new rugs in and that I should take a peek.  Normally, I don't look at rugs, but since these were brand new, I took a look and I saw not one, but two 5 x 7 white wool flokati rugs.  They were mine in less than five minutes.   I placed them both in my family room.  The white also significantly brightened a very dark room.

I can only share some snippets of the room because you know me and my never ending change ups.  Yes another is going on in the family room and it's not quite ready for public viewing.

Here's one end of the rug in all its plush loveliness.  I like how it fluffs up to my Mid-Century Modern buffet/flat screen tv stand.

On the other end of the room its irregular shagginess peeks out from behind my new sofa.  (Not ready to share about the new sofa yet either.)

I have to say that the family has been going barefoot a lot in that room and wriggling their toes into its luxurious pile.  I had one set back though.  My daughter commented that it looked like a prop for a porno film.  I just brushed that comment off and burrowed my toes in deeper.

I'm really enjoying my new purchase. Though it does tend to shed about as badly as my yellow lab, Bella.

Sweet Bella
Should I take the Furminator to it or is there a finite amount of shedding?
I'm talking about the rug, not the dog.



  1. Wonderful post! I found you at my friend Artie's. The Flokati rugs are so perfect this time of year especially. I love the white accents they bring to a room plus your own orange pops of color!

    Art by Karena+!

  2. Another beautiful room and fantastic idea.

    Everything looks great!!


  3. Love the rugs. A great addition. You did good.