Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Another Dry Brush Technique

Recently I wrote about how I dry brush furniture.  All the pieces I've done so far have been on raw wood or metal.  I decided to experiment on a piece that was painted.  I had no idea if it would work or not, but I decided to give it a try.  I'm always up for a new discovery.
Here's how it turned out.

Dry Brushed Cabinet
Below is the original painted finish.
It's hard to see, but in all the grooves are some remaining hints of gold accents.

When I started, I was beginning to doubt myself.  On raw wood or metal the paint will collect in the grooves and create the mottled finish I love.  It wasn't happening.
 Of course I came up with a solution.  I always have a wet paper towel nearby when I paint.  I tend to send specks of paint to whatever is nearby, be it a car, a wall, or some other unfortunate piece that got too close to my workspace.  In fact, I'm usually totally speckled.
  I used the wet paper towel to wipe away some of the paint.
 It worked perfectly.

I randomly wiped away the paint with a wet paper towel.  So happy I was able to reveal some of the original gold accents.

I decided to not paint the hardware.

Original Hardware

Another View

I'm doing this again.


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  1. Great transformation, Kathy! The color is beautiful.

    1. Talk about transformation Sherry. I just took your summer home tour. I can't believe what you accomplished in a year. I want to move in. Your home is magazine-worthy.