Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fueling My Orb Obsession

Yes, I'm obsessed with spheres.  I've written about how I use them in my garden and shared how they can be found in every nook, cranny, and horizontal surface in my home.  But I still was on the hunt for a large wooden sphere----or two.   This photo inspired my search.

And then I saw this.

And this....

One more. . . .

Splendid Sass

 Have you ever noticed that once you're focused on finding something that it eventually turns up?  So, on one of my frequent if-I'm-passing-by-a-Home Goods-I-have-to-stop-in trips I found not one, but two wooden spheres.  Granted they're not as large as my inspiration, but they fit perfectly under my chippy desk in the foyer.

Wooden Orbs Under My Chippy Foyer Desk

I have to say that I have been focusing for a very long time about finding a huge disco ball like this.

Or like this.

I don't think I'm doing a very good job focusing.  I can't find one at a price I'm willing to pay.  (You know I'm cheap and try to buy previously owned.)   I need to enlist you, my readers, to help me find my disco ball.  Everyone FOCUS!!!!

Can you see why I want one?  Please let me know if you come across this sparkling sphere.


Images are from my Pinterest page, Orbs and Spheres.

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  1. Sorry, Kathy. If I find one, you will have to fight me for it. :D Gorgeous!

  2. Kathy, I love your new orbs and I'm amazed you found these at HomeGoods. Beautiful vignette and desk!

  3. I have been looking for one too Kathy,not for me but to sell. There was one at auction not too long ago but the price went too high for me :) Love the orbs you found at Home Goods. I found some orbs with a flat top on Elm that I bought for the poolside chairs. They were kind of pricey but I absolutely love them. Have a super great week. xo

  4. Check out 5 below - they have "disco balls" in several colors (silver, gold, etc) for - you guessed it - $5. :) I've used some as party decorations.