Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vignette Fragments on My Nature-Inspired Mantel

Yes, I'm back to that family room mantel that I never seem to get quite right.  I have to say though that while it gives me fits, it also pushes to me tackle it one more time.  It remained empty after Christmas, but I seemed to have accumulated quite a few nature-related items
 and started playing with them until I came up with this.
It's a mix of antlers, turtle shells, glass floats from Pottery Barn,
 and framed book plates, with some covered demijohns, vintage books,
and an iron grate for a back drop.

I decided that I like to photograph snippets of arrangements.  This mantel was no exception.

Enjoy my vignette fragments.

Do you like to use nature in your decor?


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  1. Kathy, this is fabulous!! Love that iron grate. Oh why, oh why did I sell mine? You give me so many ideas and inspiration.
    Mary Alice

  2. I use natural items in my decor all the time--stuff I gather...turkey, bird, and pheasant feathers, bird nests that fall, wasp nests, rocks, shells, etc. I am jealous of all your turtle shells...where have you found them? Love the demijohns and the book plates in your mantel arrangement...