Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Awesome Dad

I just wrote a post about my 90-year-old Mother and now it's time to share about my equally-talented Dad. He's 90 too!!!! My Dad can build or create or fix just about anything.  He's built houses as well as banks.  He makes kitchen cabinets, which is an accomplishment in itself, but, he goes a step farther and buys the just-harvested wood, cures it, planes it, and then makes the cabinets. 
He's helped all eight of his children with all of their home projects. He's put trim moulding throughout one of my houses, helped me with endless furniture repairs, and I think my favorite project he completed for me is my mailbox and matching lamp post.   I brought him a picture and he created exactly what I wanted.  I think of him every time I pull into my driveway.

My Mailbox and Matching Lamp Post Created by My Dad

Close-up of the Lamp Post
And, the best part ever is that my youngest son, James, and my Dad
 were both born on November 6th.

They always have a joint birthday celebration.  There's some confusion on the part of the cashier when I say I'm buying numbers for a birthday cake and I buy three.  On that first birthday cake for my son and my Dad, the candles read 761!!!!

My Awesome Dad and My Son at One of Their Joint Birthday Parties

I guess I'm pretty lucky to have such great talented parents.


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I couldn't resist sharing this.  James decided that Bella needed a sweatshirt.

Post Teaser
Bar carts are trending, but your bar cart doesn't have to be brass with a tray.  Some out-of-the-box carts are fun too.  I'll be posting some creative bar cart alternatives on Sunday evening.
 Please check back.


  1. Kathy, Your dad sounds so much like mine with his talent to build and fix anything. Unfortunately, dad can no longer do projects and I know he misses it. Enjoy every moment with your parents. Your home is beautiful and your dad did a wonderful job with the mailbox and lamp post. xx, Sherry

  2. such a sweet post! i feel the same way about my dad and mom! :) and bella rocks that sweatshirt. :)

  3. Your home is beautiful, and I love the lamp post and mailbox. And how awesome to have such a talented dad!