Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spunky Inspiration

My sister just wrote a blog post about our Mom and she inspired me to do the same.
Our Mom just turned 90 and she's been my spunky inspiration my whole life.  She's the mother of eight, and mixed in with all the lunch packing, the laundry, and the cooking she always managed to fit in some  creativity.  I remember her making a huge chalkboard wall for us, painting designs on furniture, and yes, she was the source of my vintage addiction.   I remember attending auctions, flea markets, and estate sales with her.  In fact, we still shop together.  I have to say that she still finds the most awesome vintage for me.  Finds in Western Pennsylvania are much more interesting and much better priced than here in the DC area.  She has a great eye and is my muse.

Mom at Her Surprise Birthday Party

My Mom Loves Hydrangeas
 As I said, she is the mother of eight, but she's also grandmother to fifteen and
great-grandmother to three.

 She's always busy and we've named her the energizer bunny.


She'll be visiting this weekend.  I can't wait to hang out with her.

Post Teaser
Check back on Wednesday evening when I'll be posting about my equally awesome
 90-year-young Dad.

If you love to read, you must check out my sister's blog, Silver's Reviews, too, here.


  1. So nice, Kath.

    I have tears in my eyes.


  2. What an awesome post Kathy. I would love to meet your Mom and you and discuss vintage and old stuff. My Mom will be 90 this year too. And is like the energizer bunny. I wish my mind was as sharp as hers. :) She (and my sweet departed Dad) is the source of my creativity and DIY genes. But she was never into "old stuff" as she calls it. She grew up poor on a farm and has never understood my fascination and love of all that is old. LOL........ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom. Can't wait to meet your Dad.