Sunday, February 24, 2013

Re-Visiting Urns and Trophies

I've been blogging for a little over two years.  With some trepidation I decided to go back and look at some of my really early blog posts.  As I went back I'll have to say that I was approaching them with what a relative describes as using my "long teeth".  Part of me wanted to see what I'd been up to then and part of me was leery of what I might see.  What I found was that they weren't that bad.  It was actually an eye opener to how many changes I had made to my home in that short time.  And, how many pieces had moved around the house.  I have to say that the photos taken with my point and shoot camera and without the benefit of a photo editing program in place weren't that bad.  Whew!!!!!!

One of the many change-ups was my step back cupboard in my kitchen.  Today it looks like this. 

Styled Bookcase

In the earlier post it had a red background and was filled with my collection of trophies and urns.  Looking back, that red was sooooo harsh.  To see how I transformed and re-styled it go here.

To see the original post about the trophies --cringe--go here.

Even though the trophies and urns don't fill my cabinet any more, I still use urns and trophies in my home. 

During the holidays I use them to hold flatware for a buffet.

They support some globes on my bedroom dresser.

I love using feathers in containers. This is one of my larger trophies.
It's dated 1926 and is for the President's Club, Washington County, PA.

I even converted a coffee urn into a lamp.  It's in my laundry room on my pantry shelf now but used to be in the kitchen.

I found these super fun flatware with leopard print handles.
 I store them in urns on my kitchen counter within easy reach.   In front of the pewter plate is a Pairpoint urn filled with pears.
 If you missed my post about my faux snakeskin back splash with nail head trim, go here

These urns are also in my kitchen.  They're new and have a flat back, almost like a wall pocket.  They're from one of my wholesale suppliers, Go Home Ltd.  I filled the tops with moss.

This small urn displays the hornet's nest I found.

I also have a large urn in my laundry/pantry.  I sometimes put a silver sphere in it or as in this image my freeze-dried boxwood orb rests in it.

I think I may be taking a peek at some of my other early posts.  Who knows what I'll find.
Have any of my blogger readers gone back to the very beginning?  What have you found?



  1. I just love your style! Loved your early stuff too. And I'm very jealous of all your trophies. I have one little one that I found recently; but they're usually out of my price range. Keep inspiring us!

  2. what a fun post Kathy! I have my flatware stored in old pressed glass pitchers on the kitchen counter. I think it looks pretty and it's convenient too and pretty on the buffet table when we have big family gatherings too. You are so creative!