Monday, November 15, 2010

Loving Loving Cups

I have been loving loving cups since I found my first one at an
Estate Sale.
Briefly, loving cups are actually what we now call trophies,
but so much nicer. 
My earliest one is from 1909 and I have them all the way to 1977.
The appeal is the urn shape and the interesting thing is that they were given for bowling, skating, 
horseshoes, golf, and just about any competition. 
The third prize trophies are just as nice as the first prize ones.

My first find  is my oldest, and says 
Whist Tournament  
First Prize
Later I found a book, Cavendish on Whist  and I display them together.

The Whist trophy is only 5" tall and to the left of it is a trophy for
a Jewish Basketball League 1931-32.

Many of my trophies are displayed in my step back cupboard in my kitchen.
I found the cupboard in a basement at an Estate Sale.
It was being used for tools.

Here are some close ups of some of the loving cups.

The trophy on the right is for the National Champion Horseshoe Pitch, 1931

The trophy on the left is the
 Lion's Ice Carnival
Third Prize
(pretty nice for 3rd)

The other one is only 4" tall and
Fives Competition
Blackhall Workmans' Club 1963-4

The loving cup on the right is Easter Tournament
Camp Stotzenburg, 1925

To its left, Best Plot
M Kelly 1977

The loving cup on the right is
Horticulture Club, 1956.

I use them to support plaster busts.

Keep an eye out for these vintage finds.  Mine are all silver plate and can be found for less than $50 each.
I've yet to find one in sterling.  They do exist but are very pricey.

Please share some of your favorites with me.



  1. Hi Kathy
    I just clicked over from Artie's. I recognized your room from Nate's show. Beautiful room!

    Pat@Back Porch Musings

  2. What a fabulous collection...Love the lampshade on your kitchen lamp!