Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Ever Changing Mantel

Yes, I'm changing something again.  If you don't know me well, things change here frequently. 
Sometimes they disappear and reappear later in a different room with a different purpose.  
And, sometimes, they just disappear.
We have a little game here.  Some of the game questions are:  Was that always hanging there?
Is that new?  Wasn't that in another room?  If it was in another room, where had it been?
Or, usually months after it happens--Where did_______  (fill in the blank) go?

Anyway, I'm hosting Thanksgiving and I was getting into a really turkey mood this week.
I decided that I needed to change up the mantel with some Fall decor. 
The family was definitely relieved that it was the mantel and not a major piece of furniture.
Here's my before mantel that most of you have already seen.
And, here's the after.
First, I removed everything but the Greek Key mirror.  It stayed because
it was way too heavy to move and I needed it to hold down the fabric I draped on the mantel.
The fabric was a Clarence House remnant  from my fabric stash that had the right look and color.
Next, I put up the vintage turkey platter and added two old prints of turkeys.
I  displayed my turkey salt and pepper shakers next to a finial that had been on a table in the upstairs hallway until it was needed here for its height and color.
Winding around the finial and the turkeys is an old silk belt.  I love the nailheads in it.

I took some turkey feathers from one of my loving cups and placed them in the turkey planter.
  I also took a cloche from a bookshelf in the family room, turned it upside down , filled it with some over-sized acorns that I was selling in the store last Fall, then gently flipped it back over onto the mantel.
The last item added was the wreath.  Last year it was on the front porch. 
Now it's suspended over the mirror.
What do you think?  What have you done for Fall decorating?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy every minute of your family time.


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