Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hometown Hunting Part 2

I recently discovered the Estate Sale shop in downtown New Kensington.

 They have a unique mix of merchandise.  Not only is the store filled with great stuff, 
but the prices are fantastic.  The owners, who are so helpful, are also artists.
Every square inch has a unique look.  I happened to stop in during their 
Holiday Open House.  There were decorated trees everywhere, even a huge tree set up
inside a fabulous four poster bed.

I have to share what they've done on the walls.
 I love the leopard fabric next to the geometric.  That pattern goes the whole way down the hall.

Doesn't this mirror remind you of the Pier One Peacock Mirror?
They made it.  That concave mirror in the middle is a hub cap and they individually
added marbles.  $129.  I want it.  Get busy DIYers.

Here's what I bought.  $45.  I wish there were  more.

Next Post:  They're opening an Antiques Boutique next door.
More info in Hometown Hunting Part 3

Contact Info:  Estate Sale  938 Fifth Ave.
New Kensington, PA  724 337-8577

Look at the store across the street.  It wasn't open.  
I thought I was going to cry.  I wanted in.
No name.  No phone#.  No info.

Happy Hunting,

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