Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hometown Hunting Part 3

As promised, info about the new shop the owners of the Estate Sale are opening.
It wasn't opening until Nov. 12th, but they let me have a sneak peak.
The vendors were all busy setting up their booths.  Sorry no photos.  Merchandise is secret.
But what I saw was fabulous.  I picked the wrong weekend to visit.

I do have some photos of the outside.  You enter through a courtyard and the boutiques are on
either side.  For now, just one side is open.

I did take a few pictures inside of the clever decor.
You wouldn't believe what they did with an ugly drop ceiling.
They're stenciling the squares.
Love it.

They added a chandelier and painted the medallion black.  Steal that idea.

I never saw such a fancy powder room in an antiques store.
The walls and ceiling are fabric.

Happy Hunting,


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  1. Hi Kathy! I found your blog! I started one too and I'm following you! Ellen & I are going to watch the show next week. Love this shop, how far from where we live??? Maybe we can take a road trip some time!