Sunday, August 14, 2011

It Rained. It Poured.

We were very optimistic about the weather.  The rain wasn't supposed to arrive until late in the day.  But surprise, the weather man was wrong.  It arrived way too early.

This is what we looked like at the start of the sale.

I have to say that I did manage to sell before the storm.  Yea!  I also was able to chat with friends who came by and meet some new friends too.  
Once the rain started, it was over.  I have to say as I stood on the porch waiting for the deluge to end I was not in blogger mode.  Only later did I say, " Darn, I could have done a Before and After post."  No photos of the after but let me say that I watched a blue-roofed pop-up tent bravely try to protect a haphazard mountain of stuff draped under yards of plastic.
We finally made it home.  I was still drenched and dripping but I started to smile.  I was in blogger mode again.  I grabbed my camera and snapped this photo of my garden.  The plants were absolutely thrilled with their long drink of water.

The drowned rat then scurried off for a long, hot shower.

How exciting was your weekend?
Stay tuned.  I smell a change up in the air.


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